Visiting A Friend Who Wasn’t Even Home Convinced Me To Try An Infrared Quartz Heater

I never thought much about infrared quartz heaters because they’re more expensive than many other electric space heaters — and you already know I don’t like to pay a lot for anything.

My only thought about them prior to last winter is that they seem to look better than most other heaters. In many cases, they’re contained in wooden boxes that blend right into a home’s décor.

But last winter, I went to visit a friend while she was house sitting. The home had both central heating and a fireplace, but the homeowner has purchased an infrared quartz heater to keep the place warm while she was gone. And one heater was keeping the whole open-plan living space warm.

Needless to say, I was impressed. I recognized the model as one I’d seen at Sam’s Club, so I went to have a look. But the price was too high for me. The homeowner, who was actually an acquaintance of mine as well, told me later that she had bought hers at the end of the previous year on clearance.

Then I discovered that these units are much less expensive online. The Amazon price is actually about what she paid on clearance over a year before. Plus, there are other brands and models from which to choose online. Most have wood cabinets and sleek control panels that look a lot better than other types of space heaters.

She told me, by the way, that her central heat made a lot of noise but didn’t produce a lot of heat so she decided to try something else for a while. Obviously, she thought the experiment with the infrared quartz heater was a success.

If you’re looking for an electric space heater that looks like a piece of furniture and produces a huge amount of heat, you owe it to yourself to try an infrared quartz space heater. They blow warm air into the room and can cover a larger area than any other type I’ve tried.

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