Why I Love My Zero Gravity Lounge Chair So Much

I’m a big guy with a tendency toward sore muscles and a tight back. But I’ve founded that I can sit on my patio for hours without pain and without getting stiff when I sit in a zero gravity lounge chair. And there are types that are right for all sizes of people.

In my case, I may be a bit overweight, but I’m tall, and normal chairs never seem to fit me right. There’s always a bar across the middle of my back or something cutting into my legs. That’s why I was so pleased to learn that there’s a best zero gravity lounge chair for every type of person.

In fact, I have to say that my zero gravity lounge chair is actually the most comfortable place for me to sit at my home. I find it better than my old sofa and even more comfortable than the oversized desk chair that I use when writing up articles like this one.

The idea is simple: there’s no point of contact between your body and any rods, rails, supports or anything but a nice nylon or canvas material. This material is suspended from the frame in some way, usually by a nylon cord that goes through metal eyelets at the sides of the material or something similar. It’s almost like being in a hammock without needing any trees or poles.

A lot of people find that sleeping in a zero gravity lounge chair is actually preferable to sleeping in a bed because there are no pressure points. Even the best mattresses have to support your body in some places and aren’t suspended as the seating area is in these kinds of chairs.

I don’t actually sleep in mine, but I do spend a lot of time there — and I might doze off for a few minutes, I suppose. It’s so comfortable, in fact, that I lose track of time just about every time I go out on my patio and have a seat.

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