Who Wants To Kiss A Guy With A Dyed Beard?

Something I heard about temporary beard dye on TMZ one day really grossed me out. Maybe that’s not an elegant way to say it, but it did. And yes, I watch TMZ from time to time.

Anyway, some former boy-band member was talking about how his wife got tired of getting his beard coloring on her face. Apparently, he uses one of those mascara-like brush-in beard colorings — and then manages to get it all over his wife’s face because it doesn’t stay where it should.


But regular beard dye is just as bad. Who wants a face full of chemicals when your man kisses you? I certainly don’t.

As a simple and frugal person who doesn’t mind grey hair at all, I’m perfectly willing to accept a guy with grey hair and grey beard. What I’m not willing to accept is putting my life at risk from chemical exposure every time I kiss a guy. And I don’t want some product rubbing off on me either.

For guys who must use a beard coloring, I recommend a natural beard coloring that’s based on henna and other natural ingredients. These won’t irritate the skin, can be used as often as needed and look just fine.

For guys who are prematurely grey, have to compete with younger men for work or just want to maintain their beard the way it’s always looked, I recommend chemical-free beard dye. It’s not as economical as doing nothing at all, but it’s a lot better than clogging your pores with chemicals.

And whatever you do, don’t use one of those brush-on temporary beard colors if you plan to kiss someone. That’s just really gross — and really silly. Surely, it can’t possibly look good enough to fool anyone — and what happens when you get caught out in the rain?

Simplicity — that is, doing nothing — is best, and a natural beard dye is the next best thing.

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