An Anti-Gravity Chair Is A Cheap Way To Deal With My Back Pain

I’ve had back pain all of my life, and it changes through the years. I’ve talked about it here before, and every time I mention it, it seems to change again soon.

Right now, I’m dealing with bad lower back pain that seems to be caused by sitting too much. All of my work and all of my hobbies involve sitting, so I have to make myself get up and around. But even that doesn’t always eliminate the back pain entirely.

My most recent discovery for dealing with my back pain is an inexpensive portable antigravity chair. I got one that’s made to be used outside because they’re so much less expensive than some of the others I’ve seen on the market. I found one online that’s made for oversized people that seems to fit me well even though I’m not that tall or large.

The idea is simple: these zero-gravity chairs or antigravity chairs don’t have pressure points, so you don’t feel pressure. The part you sit on is held in place by “laces” — for lack of a better word — or strings that hold the seating area to a frame around the edge. So when you sit in the chair, you don’t feel pressure on your middle back, lower back or under your legs because there are no points of pressure.

Describing it this way, it may not sound like it would make much difference. But it means so much to not feel pressure in my lower back when sitting. Even in my bed, I feel the pressure somewhat, and my antigravity chair is the only place I don’t feel it at all. The only other way to escape the lower back pain is to stand, and that creates other problems.

I’m mentioning all of this because I know that one of these chairs can help some of you too. Give one a try — and buy a cheap antigravity chair like I did to start out with. You don’t need a fancy or expensive one to get the benefit.

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