Saddle Chair Corrects Seating, Decreases Pain

Most office workers understand the benefits of an ergonomic office chair, so why do so many of us still sit in chairs that aren’t designed with our back health and overall comfort in mind? A saddle chair may look a little different than an ordinary desk chair, but you’ll understand from the moment you first try one why they’re catching on with people who sit down for a living.

If you have lower back pain or neck and shoulder pain that you suspect is due to sitting down too much at work, you can change your chair and change your life for the better. It’s possible to feel better every hour of every day when you change to an office seating choice that’s healthier for your back.

Whether you’re moving up from an old-fashioned desk chair or looking for a new saddle office chair to replace the one you’ve worn out or didn’t like very much, I think you’ll like the Jobri Saddle Chair. It’s a good quality item that you can adjust to fit you perfectly, and it’s the best saddle office chair I’ve found.

My Saddle Chair Review

The Jobri Saddle Chair — available from Amazon — is intended to help you get your back into a seating position that makes more sense. And it does just that in my experience. That’s why I recommend it.

By the way, I also like my Gaiam stability ball chair, and I use it at my office while using the saddle chair at home. The variety seems to do my back good, and using something different at home and work might make sense for you as well.

The most important feature of this saddle office chair is that it’s adjustable. That is, it tilts back to front and also rotates. This is essential because not everyone needs the same pelvic tilt for optimal comfort, and you need to be able to play with it a bit to get it just right for you. If you’re sitting in any kind of ergonomic office chair that isn’t adjustable, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

You can also adjust this saddle stool from 21 to 28 inches high with the standard type of gas lift used in many other office chairs.

Otherwise, the materials are simple polished aluminum and a leather-like seat. There’s nothing very special there, but the quality is good, and the chair looks pretty good too. The fact that it’s completely adjustable is really the overriding factor that allows me to recommend it to you.

How A Saddle Chair Soothes Your Aches And Pain

Whether for a herniated disc, a sore hip or simple tightness in the back and stiffness in your shoulders, a saddle office chair can help you shift your pelvis forward and take some of the stress off your back. Since your upper back automatically straightens as you relieve pressure on your lower back, you also get better posture and less tension in your shoulders. Over time, your back actually starts to get stronger.

Specifically, using a saddle chair provides these benefits:

  • A stronger back. Changing to a better sitting stance stimulates and strengthens the muscles in your back as well as in your abdomen and butt.
  • Better posture. A stronger back is more able to stand up straight.
  • Improved circulation in your legs. With no edge to press into your upper leg, the veins and arteries are able to stay open and flowing. This can help reduce swelling in the feet and reduce fatigue too. Better circulation means more energy.
  • Better balance than ever before. Using a saddle office chair causes hip abduction, the spreading of the legs that contributes to better stability. This continues to help you as you walk around. If you have a balance impairment, you may see dramatic improvement when you regularly use a saddle chair.
  • Easier sitting and rising. A saddle chair is higher than a regular office chair, so getting up and down is easier.
  • Increased reach. The different angle means you can move around more and reach things around your office better. That’s why so many dentists have changed to a saddle stool instead of the traditional chairs they’ve used for years.

My Bottom Line On Saddle Chairs

When you equip your office at home or work with the best saddle chair on the market, you gain in many ways. The most important may be decreased pain, but you can’t discount the importance of better circulation in improving your overall wellbeing.

While you may not want to always sit in a saddle chair, you may find it makes a great choice as a primary ergonomic office chair. In the beginning, keep a regular office chair nearby and switch back and forth if you like. You may need a little time for your muscles to adjust to this new way of sitting.

When you’re regularly sitting healthier in the Jobri Saddle Chair, you’ll feel so much better that you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change years ago. For me, a saddle office chair is part of my pain-free workday. It could work for you too.

Click here to see the Amazon price for the best saddle chair available. You’ll like everything about this entirely new way of sitting.

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