Computer Glasses Are Gimmicky, But They Really Do Help

I’ll admit that computer glasses are kind of a gimmick. They’re designed with a specific look in mind. Sometimes, they make you look like a space alien. Other times, they have a cool tint that makes you look unique while blocking some of the light that’s most likely to hurt your eyes. Still other times, they’re just designed with pure function mind and not a moment’s thought to aesthetics.

So whatever look you want, there are computer glasses that will give you what you want. But does the look of the glasses really matter to you?

But most people turn to glasses for computer use when they’re having trouble seeing at the monitor or are experiencing eye strain. That’s what I did. I found out from an optometrist’s visit that I had chronic dry eye as well as computer vision syndrome — a funny name for all those symptoms that happen when you spend too much time at your desk. They include itchiness, headaches, blurred vision and more.

So I tried several things. I got low power reading glasses, and those helped a lot. But when you add an anti-glare coating to low power readers and also perhaps a light-filtering tint, what you get comes out looking and working just like computer glasses. I found out later I could have just ordered computer glasses online and not special ordered my reading glasses for the computer.

You see, even if your vision is otherwise perfect, you can still see better at the computer and reduce your eye strain and dry eye symptoms when you use glasses with a little magnification and a little tint or glare coating of some kind.

The thing that’s most important to remember about computer glasses and other kinds of glasses that you may wear when working on close-up details is to choose something that works for you — whether it looks cool or not. That’s because no matter how cool the glasses look, they won’t look good on you if your eyes are swollen and runny.

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