Balance Ball Office Chair Soothes Your Back

Can it really be possible that changing your work chair can improve your circulation, help you burn calories and relieve the chronic pain in your back? If you change to a balance ball office chair, you can feel better and get more done that you ever thought possible.

An exercise ball chair may look funny, but it’s worth a few stares to get the relief you need and a load of added benefits too. But which of these funky and fun chairs is right for you? Keep reading for information on the stability ball chair I like best. It could be perfect for you too.

My Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review

If you’re at all into health and fitness, you’ve heard the name Gaiam. And it may be no surprise to you that the best chair for relieving back pain is the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair — available from Amazon. You may not know that this company makes things to help you in your workspace, but this chair is a true winner. Designed so that the longer you use it the better you feel, it can make a real difference in strengthening your back, aligning your spine and getting rid of pain so that you can feel better overall.

This choice has an adjustable support bar, casters to help you move around your work area with ease and its own air pump so you can keep it at the right level of inflation. As the instructions tell you, you’ll need to add some air periodically to keep it performing just right.

There’s just one downside to this model: if you’re under 5 feet tall or over 5 feet 11 inches, this ball isn’t a good choice for you. Try a smaller or larger model if your height is outside the optimal range for the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.

A lot of people use stability balls or exercise balls as part of their workouts and find them fun and useful, so it makes sense to bring one into the workplace, put it in a frame and turn it into an office chair.

The company says that it involved a chiropractor in the construction of this office chair, and that shows in the design. For me, everything just seems to be right where it should.

Benefits Of Using An Exercise Ball As Your Chair

Both at your home workspace and in your office at work, if you have one, you can benefit from using a stability ball chair. I’ve been researching the topic for several months, and I’ve come across many different reasons people choose this kind of chair, so you may actually be able to get benefits beyond what you’re expecting.

Some of the reasons you might want to use an exercise ball chair include:

  • It forces your spine into proper alignment. The act of balancing yourself on the ball requires you to maintain good posture.
  • You must change positions often. Since you can’t stay in the same position all the time, you can’t put too much stress on any one part of your back, neck or shoulders.
  • You can burn some calories. These devices were developed as part of an exercise program, so you actually burn calories while sitting and strengthen some key muscle groups in you back and your core.
  • Your balance will get better. When you have better balance, you’re less likely to fall and can do overhead work with fewer issues, among other things. Good balance is part of good overall health.
  • Your circulation will improve. Regular desk chairs encourage staying in the same position, which limits circulation. A stability ball chair encourages movement, and that leads to better circulation.
  • You’ll have more energy. When you move around, you don’t feel as tired. You could actually complete your work feeling energetic instead of exhausted.

Final Thoughts On The Best Balance Ball Office Chair

Another great benefit of the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is the price. It’s actually less expensive than many brands and types of office chairs — but it makes you feel better when you use it. So as you can see, owning one makes a lot of sense.

You might choose to get one of these innovative seating choices for your home office and use something else at work — or vice versa. Choosing to sit in a variety of ways is healthier than always doing the same thing.

Changing to a balance ball office chair may require some adjustment time since it’s a completely different way of sitting, but when you start to feel better as your back and neck pain eases up, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. You’ll know that you’re taking action to feel better every day of your life.

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