Beautiful Infrared Quartz Heater Exceeds Other Types

Since giving up on my failing home heating and air conditioning system years ago, I’ve owned a lot of space heaters, but now that I’ve discovered one particular infrared quartz heater, I have a great looking choice for my living room.

It’s not that I mind a more industrial or utilitarian heater. In fact, my Bionaire micathermic heater is great, but for the living room where visitors can see, I like something a little more traditional-looking. But it has to be powerful enough to adequately heat the largest room in my house.

Given those conditions, the best choice is the Dr. Infrared Heater. It would compare favorably to the Duraflame infrared quartz heater or any other unit available and is in my opinion the best infrared quartz heater on the market.

My Infrared Quartz Heater Review

I turned to a good-looking infrared quartz heater because I’ve been so disappointed with many of the portable heaters I’ve had through the years. I’m glad to now know that the best infrared heater is the Dr Infrared Heater — available from Amazon. This 1500-watt unit has both high and low settings and can be set to keep a room anywhere from 50 to 85 degrees.

This heater has proven through the last couple of winters to be one the best I’ve ever had. The company markets this unit for heating up to 1,000 square feet, but I think it can actually handle a slightly larger area. The maker also indicates that the unit heats 60 percent more quickly than other similar models, and I can attest that it certainly does heat faster than many of the space heaters I’ve had.

I especially like that it looks good enough not to detract from the furniture in my living room. And when we have guests over, it’s nice to know that it’s safe around children since the heating element isn’t exposed. This makes it safe for pets as well.

Like most modern portable heaters, it comes with an automatic cutoff that turns the heat off if the unit tips over. Truthfully, though, I don’t see how you could tip this unit over unless you had it up on a table and knocked it off.

One online reviewer said that a single Dr. Heater quartz infrared heater is replacing all five of their oil-filled radiators, and I believe it. Of the many heaters I’ve had, this is the best — and the radiators I’ve had have always been the worst. I simply don’t buy radiator-style space heaters anymore.

I like the evenness of the heat I get from this unit. So often, heaters are hot to the touch but don’t have any capacity to push the heat away from them, so your room is still cold just a few feet away. This unit pushes the heat out into the room, and I’ve found that you should only buy heaters with some way to get the heat out and moving around.

In short, this is the best infrared heater I’ve ever had and among the best portable heaters. And since it comes at a good price and seems to last longer than most, I think buying it is a smart decision.

Infrared Quartz Heater Tips

I think this style of heater works best when you can get it up off the floor a bit. Sitting it on a large, sturdy table will allow for better circulation of air. As you probably know, heat rises, but it also loses some heating power as it does, so getting the unit up off the floor helps get it up where the people in the room notice it.

If you want to be able to warm your feet by walking up to the unit, leave it on the floor. Although the vent isn’t at the very bottom, it still does a pretty good job of this.

As with any heater, close off rooms you aren’t using to get the best results. And don’t forget to adjust the heater setting down a bit if you start getting warm so you can save energy. While this is a very efficient unit, all space heaters use a significant amount of electricity.

I believe you’ll be as pleased with the Dr. Heater infrared space heater as I am. It’s just what the doctor ordered for heating my house, and it looks good enough for any home.

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