Looking For a Mattress Alternative? Air Beds Are Better Than You Think

If you’re looking for a mattress alternative to use until you can afford a new mattress or to permanently replace your old mattress, you should seriously consider an air mattress. They’re much less expensive than traditional mattresses and are actually more comfortable than you might imagine.

They’re also a lot easier to transport if you don’t have a pickup, van or trailer.

Nothing Sacred About Mattresses

You have to keep in mind that the idea of sleeping on springs covered in foam is a Western idea — and a relatively new one. People in other cultures sleep on cushions, mat and even natural products like straw and grass.

Also, many people in the Western world have chosen not to use a traditional mattress and platform. Some go for a futon, which can be comfortable if you choose the right brand. Some simply sleep on their sofa. Others order a memory foam mattress that comes rolled up, then unfurl it and put it on top of their old platform.

Air Beds Are Better Than Ever

The best air beds are much better than they were in years past. They’re made from thick plastic that won’t puncture easily. And the come with their own small electric pumps, so you can easily air them up when you need them. You can also add air every couple of weeks to maintain the right pressure.

In fact, that’s a major advantage of sleeping full-time on an air mattress. You can adjust it to exactly the firmness you want. Fill it full of air for a firm mattress or let some out for a softer, squishier surface. You can even add a thin mattress topper between the air bed and your sheets for additional comfort.

If you can’t afford a new mattress right now, have no way to transport it or just want to try something different, try an air bed. You may be surprised that the best air bed makes a good choice for use over the long-term. And you’ll never think of an air bed as inferior and temporary bedding choice again.

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