A Water Storage Tank Is An Essential Part Of City And Country Living

Every home needs a water storage tank, and there’s a size and type that’s right for every purpose. Because there are so many of us who live where public utilities are undependable or where there’s no water service at all, it makes sense to have one.

There are many people who keep water on hand in case there’s a fire on their property, to collect rain water or to make sure they have water for their daily needs if their well experiences problems or the public supply goes bad.

Here are two example.

First, at my home I have a well. But the pressure switch in a well is a weak point and can stop working because of something as simple as infestation with ants. This has happened to me several times — all at inconvenient times, often late at night and right before going to bed. Because I had chosen the best water storage tank for my needs in advance, I had water until the repairman could get here and change out the switch the following day.

Here’s a worse example: The town near me is a midsized and growing town, but they have only one water plant and one lake to serve the town — not multiple water sources like bigger towns. A couple years ago, a major component of the water plant broke down, leaving the city unable to provide any water at all for its citizens.

While many in the town were forced to wait in long lines to pick up bottled water or spend several evenings in a hotel in the next town, those with water storage tanks were able to meet their water needs for the several days that it took the city to acquire and install the new part.

Imagine if there was a fire on your property and your water pressure wasn’t adequate to contain it. And imagine all that rain water you could be collecting from your roof to water your garden and your animals. It’s hard to imagine life in the city or in the country without having a water storage tank full and ready to serve you when you need it most.

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