Computer Vision Syndrome Is A Real Thing!

It sounds like one of those made up conditions that people pretend to have to get some kind of compensation, but computer vision syndrome is a real thing that can impact your ability to make money and enjoy your life. Fortunately, there are things you can do to control it.

When my eye doctor discussed my vision issues with me, he was reluctant to use the term computer vision syndrome, but that’s exactly what he described to me. Dryness, itching and redness from failing to blink and rubbing my eyes too much along with stickiness and blurriness that made it difficult to see the computer while trying to work.

I even had pain in and around my eyes that was caused by muscle spasms. In short, I was a real mess.

The solution to my problem came in three parts. The first was taking better care of myself. That means more water, more breaks and more rest.

The second was starting to use computer reading glasses. Sometimes called low power reading glasses, computer reading glasses help people like me who can see pretty well handle eye strain. They really work.

The third part of my plan was judicious use of lubricating eye drops.

When combined, these three things are helping me keep my computer vision syndrome under control and keep working and playing in front of a monitor. And that’s a real help to me.

Without computer reading glasses, lubricating eye drops and better habits, I wouldn’t be able to write posts like this one — and I wouldn’t be able to continue my career. Finding the right computer vision syndrome solution has improved my life in ways I can’t explain.

I’d be a different person if I couldn’t use my computer. Do you think you might have this problem too? If so, you know what to do to find relief, and it starts by having a serious talk with an eye doctor.

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