Best Electric Shaver For Head Is Versatile, Unique And Fun

Shaving your head is a bit different than shaving your facial hair, although many of the same principles apply. If you want the best electric shaver for head use, you may want to consider one of the special devices designed and manufactured just for the purpose. The one I like best has a unique design that’s unlike a regular electric shaver and works better on my head than anything I’ve tried.

Here’s my review of the device that I consider the best electric shaver for head use — along with some ideas about how you can do the job in other ways and with other devices, perhaps just as well. Keep reading for all the details.

My Review Of The Best Electric Shaver For Head Use

The Pitbull Gold Shaver — available from Amazon — was called simple the Skull Shaver at first and later became the Bald Eagle. Now, this larger, enhanced device works so well for me that I guess it deserves this new name. When you tell people you shave your head with a Pitbill, they’re likely to remember the name for quite a while.

If you like to go completely bald all the time or occasionally, the Pitbull is the best electric shaver for head shaving. It has a unique designed that fits easily in your hand, plus it has rotary blades — five of them — for better cutting on the curved and uneven surface of your head. And since the blades are flexible, they automatically adjust to get right into every contour for the closest possible shave. The blades can actually cut no matter which way you’re moving the device, so you get cutting as you go side to side, back and forth and even when you move in a circular motion as those who are accustomed to a rotary shaver learn to do.

While the Pitbull works great dry, you can also use water, a light shaving oil or shaving foam. The maker suggests you don’t use a shaving gel because the density of the gel can interfere with the way the blade works. A gel can actually gum things up or prevent the blades from getting close contact with the skin.

Keep in mind that if you have a full head of hair now and want to go bald, you’ll need to knock down the hair with another device first, like a beard trimmer or some men’s hair clippers. Once you get the bulk of the hair off, you’ll get good results with the Pitbull and see why I call this the best electric shaver for head use. If you then use it to shave every day or two, you’ll get a consistent look without a lot of hassles.

Attachments are available for purchase separately. These includes a clipper attachment when you want to go short but not bald, an ear/nose trimmer with a rounded tip and more.

Cleaning the Pitbull is a fairly easy process. All you have to do is take the blades off the handle, takes the blades apart with a quick click and rinse everything, then snap it back together. There’s a small brush with the shaver that can help you get off stubborn debris.

I also like that the small size of this best electric shaver for head shaving means it’s perfect for travel. And it works well enough that you can use it on your face too, saving you time when you’re traveling or just don’t want to deal with another electric razor or a safety razor.

And no other head-shaving device I’ve used before had left me with a cleaner cut — no nicks, cuts, bumps or burn.

Other Electric Razors To Consider For Your Head

Of course, if you shave with an electric razor, you don’t necessarily have to have a special one for use on your head. The best electric shaver for head shaving may be the one you already own. Just remember to trim down the hair to only a few millimeters before you tackle it with any kind of electric razor or you’ll clog things up and make a real mess.

If you’re looking for the best electric razor for your all around needs, there’s another post about the best electric razors here that offers you three suggestions: a best model, a wet-dry shaver that’s nearly as good and value-priced model that includes some attachments to make it as versatile as possible.

Some people prefer to shave their head with a dry-shaving trimmer. One of the best groomers for whole-body trimming is the Andis trimmer reviewed elsewhere on this site. It can cut right down to the skin, and it’s a great choice for head-shaving too, especially if your hair isn’t overly dense. Dense hair requires the Pitbull or something equally powerful.

Lots of guys are shaving their heads today, and many of them do it with an electric razor for the convenience and comfort as well as the best possible look — plus it’s quicker than using a regular razor. When you have the best electric shaver for head use, you’ll obviously get the best results.

Click here to see the Pitbull Gold electric head shaver on Amazon, the site that helped make this brand a success. You’re sure to like the innovative design and the fair price.

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