The Best Antigravity Chair Is More Than Just A Passing Fad

For decades people have been sitting on porches and patios and taking chairs with them to free concerts and picnics — and most of them managed just fine without antigravity chairs. So why is there so much interest in these simple chairs now?

The answer is simple: times change, technology moves on, and an antigravity chair is an advancement over previous portable and outdoor chairs.

While most models of antigravity chair are a bit bulky for taking to an event where have to walk a long way from your car, they’re usually very much worth having when you get there. But they’re really great for use on your patio or in your yard where you don’t have to carry them much of anywhere.

The idea behind them is a simple one. Pressure points cause pain and discomfort, so if you can eliminate those pressure points by suspending the occupant in the chair, there’s no pressure and therefore nothing to complain about. Hammocks have taken advantage of this idea for centuries.

Today, the best antigravity chair is one that’s durable, has a seat that’s well-suspended and that looks great. And of course, it has to be comfortable. When you find your favorite, you’ll regret those moments when you can’t sit in it. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find you deciding to take your antigravity chair inside and use it in place of your recliner. These things are that comfortable.

For people with back problems, hip or leg issues or problems with a stiff neck or sore shoulder, zero gravity lounge chairs and similar products can provide some real relief. In fact, you may be able to sleep or relax in one without pain for the first time in a long time. I’ve also found that these eliminate the problem of sore shoulders or headaches that can result from sitting a long time in one position for reading or watching television.

Maybe antigravity chairs aren’t for everyone, but they’re certainly for me and for others who enjoy comfort without pressure. Even if there’s nothing wrong with you back, you’re sure to like using an antigravity chair instead of older, outdated outdoor furniture.

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