6 Dry Shaving Tips For Guys That You Can’t Miss

If you’re tired of disposable razors and shaving cream, it might be time to experiment with dry shaving. And there are a couple of ways you can do that. One is the standard way: with an electric razor. Another is with a powerful and close-cutting personal trimmer that can get your face perfectly smooth in many cases.

If you choose to try a personal grooming tool like the Andis trimmer, you should understand that guys with heavy beard growth may not get the best results from a trimmer of this type. But the Andis trimmer is definitely the best choice for trimming the rest of your body — and it works fine on the face if you have fine hair or thin, spotty growth. There’s no reason to buy an electric razor when one tool can do all the work.

If you need a standard electric razor for the job, choose a good brand with sharp blades. If you’re new to electric razors, consider a foil shaver rather than a rotary model because these are likely to give you the best and most consistent results.

To get the best possible shave when dry shaving, follow these six pieces of advice:

1. Get the best trimmer. The best electric razor is one that has one or more powerful motors and very sharp blades. It’s also one that comes with some kind of cleaning system since these devices don’t work very well when they’re not perfectly clean. Everyday use can gunk up the blades, but good cleaning can solve the problem and make dry shaving work more effectively for you. Cleaning is admittedly a bit of a hassle if no cleaning system comes with the shaver.

2. Prepare your skin. For dry shaving, your skin needs to be completely dry — not damp from washing. While some modern electric shavers can handle wet faces too, you’ll do the best possible job of dry shaving when your skin is completely dry and even free from its own natural oils. Using a pre-shave product containing alcohol can help, and these products may also contain vitamin E and other substances that can help protect your skin from the irritation that some electric shavers cause.

3. Hold it just right. The best policy is to use one hand to pull skin tight and flat while you use the other to shave. You want to move the electric razor in whatever direction pushes the hairs upright instead of forcing then to lay flat. This means you can get your shaving done quickly and in one or two passes without any snagging. With rotary shavers, go in circles. If you choose a foil shaver, go up and down or back and forth.

4. Consider the impact of heat. Electric shavers and all sorts of trimmers get hot after they’ve been running a while, so don’t leave the motor on any longer than necessary. And handle sensitive areas like your neck first, before the heating happens. Keeping a trimmer or razor lubricated will help reduce heat, and so will running it only the minimum time necessary to complete your dry shaving.

5. Take care of your device. Like any machine, the best electric razors work most effectively when they’re well-maintained. Today, some come with their own cleaning systems, and that’s great. But even if yours doesn’t, clean it according to the maker’s instructions to keep it working well, then lubricate as required for the best cutting and to reduce blade heating. After every shave, use the provided cleaning brush to remove debris. And remember to treat the shaver with care. It’s a finely tuned device with sharp blades, and you don’t want to damage it unnecessarily.

6. Don’t give up. Your first attempt at dry shaving may not go as you’d planned. It takes some time for you and your face to get used to the process. Your skin is used to wet shaving or perhaps no shaving at all, and dry shaving is something new and different. It can take as long as several weeks to get completely used to dry shaving. But for many guys, it’s worth it. Once they go dry, they never go back. That mild irritation you experience at first will turn to elation when you realize how quick and simple it is to shave without water, foam and other things that get in the way.

When you keep these dry shaving tips in mind, you’ll soon be up to speed with the best way to shave — at least what some people consider the best. Remember, it takes the right equipment, some dedication to cleaning and maintaining the device and a little patience to get used to the process.

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