Best Electric Razors Depend On Your Needs And Preferences

For many years, I thought deciding on the best electric razors was like finding the best way to starve yourself. I thought that electric razors weren’t any good at all, and there certainly couldn’t be any that I would consider best for my needs.

But things have changed. Today’s electric razors are better than ever before. My negative opinion and belief that there’s no such thing as a group of best electric razors came from my thoughts about the one my parents bought me when I was a teenager. It was terrible, and I didn’t try another one for years — decades actually. But when I returned to electric shavers as a way to keep from irritating my skin so much when shaving, I found that things are much different than they once were.

It’s possible to get a close shave with an electric shaver and avoid bumps and irritation too. But you have to buy the right model. And you have to make the bold decision to shave every day instead of cultivating stubble.

Let’s talk about the best electric razors I’ve found, and you can decide if one of them is right for your needs.

The Best Electric Razors Come From The Best Brand

I’ve long believed that Braun is the best name in grooming tools, and the Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System — available from Amazon — has proven me right once again. While there are other brands that now do a good job, this device is clearly and certainly the best for me and deserves a place among the best electric razors on the market.

This shaver vibrates slightly as it passes over your skin, allowing you to get a closer shave than ever before. The company calls this Pulsonic Technology, but it’s just a fancy way of saying that the vibrating makes a big difference. As the vibration helps you get you a close shave, something called ActiveLift means that hairs against the skin that would have been missed before are now cut like they should be. Everything works just as the company says it does, and I understand how rare that is. A product that does as it says it will is something amazing.

And unlike rotary shavers, you get a very even cut. Most guys who’ve tried today’s advanced foil shavers like this one immediately see how much better this is than rotary models and even older foil models. As I said, electric razors have come a long way in the last few years.

While this model is fully washable and waterproof, it isn’t a device you can use for wet shaving as some electrics are. We’ll talk about a good choice for that in a moment. But you won’t need to wash this unit very often. That’s because it comes with the Clean & Renew System that cleans and lubricates your shaver while it’s charging. You will have to buy a new cartridge for the cleaning system every couple of months, however, but they aren’t expensive.

One of the problems with older shavers is that the hair that gets inside would clog them up and cause them not to work very well, leaving you with a bad shave and eventually a device that wouldn’t work at all. Now, the cleaning system means this unit is like new every time you use it. The system disinfects too, and I can’t overstate the importance of the lubrication that this system provides. Lack of lubrication is a common cause of electric shaver failure.

Includes with the shaver itself in the box are the following items

  • A cleaning brush
  • A charging cord
  • A Clean & Renew cartridge
  • A protective pouch for storage or travel

Sharp blades, the latest technology and the innovative cleaning system are among the reasons I make this my top choice in shavers and believe it should be considered among the best electric razors on the market.

A Wet-Dry Shaver Worth Considering

For some guys, either the desire for the feeling of a wet shave or the belief that wet shaving works the best means they’ll never be satisfied with a dry shave. And that’s okay since there’s a great wet-dry shaver on the market that I can recommend with confidence. It’s the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Wet/Dry Shaver — also available at Amazon.

This cordless unit is also a foil shaver with two very powerful motors, and it has a pivoting head that means you get a very close shave. The dual motors mean that the blades go up and down and side to side, giving the device a better chance of cutting all the hair that passes under it. That’s crucial for the best shave.

I like the design of this wet-dry shaver because it’s easy to hold onto, even in the shower. A lot of guys who like a wet shave like to do the deed in the shower, where there’s less mess and plenty of water. You can use shaving foam or shaving gel, if you like, but neither is required. How much conditioning your face needs before shaving with this device is up to you.

Another feature you’ll need is the pop-up trimmer that lets you get a nice clean line around a goatee or at the sideburns.

Like the model above, there’s a cleaning system including called the Clean and Charge Station. While the unit is completely washable, the cleaning station helps keep things clean so that you get the best shave every time instead of just when the unit is new. That’s a great advantage, but if you use the unit for wet shaving, the unit will mostly clean itself as you shave as long as you rinse it thoroughly.

Features of which to take note include:

  • A pivoting head for the closest possible shave
  • Multiple blades for the best cut no matter how you shave
  • The convenience of being able to use it wet or dry
  • The Clean and Charge Station to keep it working like new.

The Least Expensive Of The Best Electric Shavers

While the two models above are certainly the best electric shavers on the market today, they’re also a bit pricey for some buyers, even when purchased from a site that offers a good discount. That’s why I’m including a lower priced model. It’s the Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click and Style Shave Toolkit — available at Amazon for about a third the price of the other models.

If you don’t have much tendency toward ingrown hairs and your facial hair isn’t very tough to cut, this model might work for you. It just isn’t as powerful, sharp or dependable as the other two models reviewed above. But it offers the advantage of having separate heads for stubble trimming or a short beard and body grooming, something that the others don’t.

While I recommend separate tools for those who regularly have stubble or do a lot of manscaping, for those who occasionally want to do something different, this inexpensive shaver can double as a stubble trimmer and a manscaping groomer. And it can run cordlessly for up to 40 minutes, pretty good for a value-priced model. You’re not likely to need it for longer than that at any one time.

This model allows for both wet and dry shaving. So for versatility, you can’t beat this model. Also note that it’s a rotary shaver instead of a foil shaver, which some people prefer.

If you want a single low-priced unit to handle several grooming tasks for you, this simple model might be your best choice. You give up some power and the cleaning system that keeps the blade in shape, but you gain a great deal of versatility.

Final Thoughts On The Best Electric Razors

Deciding on the best electric razors is impossible without considering your needs. While I’m certain that the best cut I’ve ever gotten has been from the Braun model, wet-dry shaving isn’t that important to me. If it’s important to you, you need to consider seriously the second choice.

But I included a third choice because I understand that the first two premium models are just too expensive for some users, despite the fact that they’re a great value when you consider how well they work and how long they last. The third choice is less powerful but still allows for wet and dry shaving. And since it’s more versatile than the better models, it can be used for manscaping and for some simple stubble and beard trimming as long as a great deal of precision isn’t required. And that adds even more to its value.

This much is certain: while I avoided electric shavers for many years, they’re my favorite way to shave most of the time now. A safety razor shave or barbershop shave is fine for a change sometimes, but electric shavers take the drudgery out of having to deal with my facial hair every day. And the minutes that these shavers give me back are minutes I can spend on tasks I enjoy more.

Click here to see the Amazon price of the best electric razor from Braun, and then you can go from there. Choose quality in grooming tools and you’ll never be sorry.

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