Massage Office Chair Eases Pain While You Work

A massage office chair can be just the thing to solve your back spasms and pain caused from sitting too long without getting up or changing positions. While the best cure for an aching back is to get up and get moving, that’s not always possible. A massage office chair can help soothe and knead your muscles when you can’t exercise them.

In many ways, an office chair with a massager built into it works the same way as a professional massage therapist. The pros use special techniques learned in classes and over time to relieve the pain from strained and sore muscles. Office chairs with motorized massagers can do many of the same strokes that professionals perform — and they can be used anytime you like. Plus, there’s no hourly fee to pay.

While long-term pain may be an indication of a herniated disc in your spine, arthritis or an injury that can’t be treated with an office massage chair, it can also be a sign that you aren’t moving your muscles enough. A special massaging chair for your desk can solve that problem for you.

A massage office chair can even improve digestion, give your immune system a boost, get rid of chronic headaches, improve your circulation and more.

So which chair is best? And what can a massage office chair do for you? We’ll take a look.

My Massage Office Chair Review

I’ve had a variety of office chairs though the years, but none compare to the massaging benefit of the Flash Furniture High Back Massaging Leather Executive Office Chair — available from Amazon. This chair allows me to sit longer and in greater comfort because it massages and softens my tense, hard muscles for me as I work.

And when the massaging feature isn’t on, it’s a comfortable all-around office chair. In fact, I sit it in mine several hours every day. It has a high level of padding and soft upholstery. Plus, the high back is right for me since I’m tall. But I don’t think it’s so tall that it would make a shorter person uncomfortable.

This massage office chair comes with a remote control with sliders that allow you to vary the intensity of the massage so you get the right comfort level all day long. There’s a pocket on the side of the chair designed to hold the remote when it’s not in use.

Specific features worth pointing out include:

  • Swivel and pneumatic height adjustment so you get just as many positioning choices as with a non-massaging chair
  • A high back that doubles as a headrest for many users (unless you’re really tall as I am)
  • Extra padding in the seat and at the back where you need it most
  • Tilt lock control so you can decide whether you want the chair to tilt or not

What’s even better is that this chair doesn’t cost any more than a good office chair without a massage function, so this valuable function that can help ease your back pain essentially comes at no extra charge.

I can’t say enough good things about this chair. I use different chairs for different kinds of work, and I always look forward to returning to this one and turning on the massager.

Benefits Of A Massage Office Chair

There are a number of proven benefits of a massage office chair. While these chairs can’t treat injuries or damage to your back that require medical intervention, they can ease sore muscles and help with other kinds of pain caused from prolonged sitting.

The five most important benefits of using a massage office chair include:

1. It can reduce nerve pressure. When your back is properly supported by a good chair and then gently massaged, pain from pressure on nerves can be reduced. This can, in turn, make parts not being massaged — like your feet and hands, for example – feel better. When nerves are free from the pressure that restricts them, nerve impulses flow more freely and you don’t experience as much pain.

2. It can relax muscles. Of course, a massage office chair can relax muscles. These chairs use specific strokes that are designed to relieve muscle pain. One sore muscles causes others to be become sore as they compensate, but a massaging chair can start correcting the problems so you muscles can relax and stop hurting. Massaging your lower or middle back can even help your shoulders and neck because so much pain is referred pain from other locations on your body.

3. It can relieve stress. Stress impacts your mental state and psychologically impacts your health also. And stress can reduce work performance by causing problems sleeping, appetite issues and high blood pressure, among other things. When you reduce stress, all aspects of life improve. And both professional massage and massaging machines like a massage office chair have been proven to play a role in reducing stress.

4. It can improve circulation. Blood must circulate for you to heal from pain, injuries and other issues. That’s because blood brings cells the oxygen and nutrients they need to get rid of toxins. When muscles are tense, blood flow is constricted. Both organs and tissue benefit from improved blood flow, and massage is even though to have the same role in improving the immune system as well.

5. It can cause “feel-good” endorphins to be released. When endorphins are released, you feel less pain. And what’s more, your perception of stress is decreased. Endorphins are the neurotransmitters that create a sense of wellbeing and raise your immune response, and research has shown that massage triggers the release of these chemicals in the body.

Some Additional Thoughts On Massage Office Chairs

When you switch from a regular desk chair to a massage office chair, you can immediately start easing your sore muscles, aching back and other symptoms of sitting down to work. That’s an amazing accomplishment because most other ways of sitting while working contribute to increasing the pain and discomfort rather than decreasing it.

No single solution will get rid of all workplace pain, but a massage office chair is a big step toward feeling better at work and all day long.

An office massage chair helps me every day, and it can help you too. It could be just the solution you’re looking for.

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