VariDesk Pro Plus Stand-Up Computer Desk Soothes Back Pain

Sometimes, it’s possible to solve a major problem with a minor change. A stand up computer desk can help you eliminate years of intermittent or chronic back pain and feel better than ever. When you switch to an adjustable standing desk, your shoulder, neck and lower back pain can all fade away.

You may find that your own actions — sitting too much, slumping while you’re working and staying in one position without moving for hours — have been causing or aggravating your discomfort all along.

Switching to a stand up computer desk can also help you burn additional calories, feel more energetic and work more effectively, then you can go home without the pain that’s plagued you for so long. It really is possible.

The Best Standing Desk Review

After experimenting a bit, I think I’ve found the best standing desk. My choice is the VARIDESK Pro Plus — offered online by Amazon. This useful device sits on top of the desk you already have and turns it into a stand desk. And it’s big! So many of the choices available aren’t large enough to accommodate everything you need while you stand.

This adjustable standing desk can raise one or two monitors plus your keyboard and a few other essential items to your standing height with room to spare. And when it’s time to sit down — something you’ll want to do periodically, especially when you’re just getting started — you can adjust to sitting height in just a couple seconds.

I find that a primary benefit of this standing desk over other models I’ve tried is its stability. And since it comes preassembled, you don’t have to worry that your poor assembly skills will weaken it in any way.

Keep in mind that a standing desk may not be right for you if you have heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or other foot, knee or hip problems. But for just about everyone else, it can contribute positively to your life.

The Many Benefits Of A Stand Up Computer Desk

Switching for a portion of your workday to a new kind of desk can give you benefits beyond the obvious. Did you know that even things like poor digestion and other stomach issues that don’t seem related to your back at all can be better controlled when you stand up more? Certain kinds of repetitive stress injuries can also ease when you change the angle from which you approach tasks.

When you sit down, everything inside you compresses. Inside your chest and abdomen, there are many changes. And as you bring your shoulders forward when you slouch, for example, you cause spinal rolling that leads to pain. This further leads to problems with your legs, arms and just about everything else.

You can even have pain in your face and jaw from holding your neck in an improper position for too long.

When you choose instead to stand up as you work, the muscles of your all-important core — the same core that exercise experts are always suggesting you strengthen — remain tight and engaged. This extra engagement causes these muscles to strengthen, and they eventually learn to support your body better. This means some of the pressure on your back and spine is relieved.

Also, you may find that you can focus better on tasks in front of you when you stand up. And because people don’t tend to sleep standing up, you can even stay more alert and get more done when you change to a stand up computer desk.

I like to work standing up because I can fidget more and get rid of nervous energy. I feel like standing keeps my circulation going too, and this can help with metabolism, help stabilize blood glucose levels and more. Plus, standing up when you’re most prone to drowsiness — like in the mid-afternoon — can help you remain productive when you otherwise wouldn’t be.

My Final Thoughts On Adjustable Standing Desks

When changing to a standing desk, the biggest problems people seem to have are finding a desk that’s stable and finding one that’s easy enough to adjust that they can choose to sit back down whenever they want. Especially when you’re new at standing up to work, you may find it tiring and want to sit down to rest a bit.

But when you use a stable and adjustable standing desk like this Varidesk model, your stamina and overall health are certain to increase. Soon, you’ll want to stand most of the time. And you’ll find that standing actually energizes you.

The Varidesk Pro Plus is my choice in stand up computer desks, and I hope you’ll make it your choice too. It has changed the way I work and the way I feel every day.

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