Blink Tears Are Worth The Price For Your Dry Eyes

There are many different products on the market that help you with chronic dry eye and computer vision syndrome symptoms caused from spending too much time looking at a monitor, tablet or smart phone. But none are better than Blink Tears. The problem is that you can end up paying way too much for Blink Tears lubricated eye drops if you aren’t careful.

You see, I’ve bought them at Walmart, Target and local drugstores as well as online from Amazon. For a long time, the best value was at Walmart. I even found them at Target for a good price a few times. Then the prices started going all over the place, so I started buying Blink Tears from Amazon. Most of the time, Amazon has offered me the best and most consistent price. You just have to take care that you get the exact type you want since there’s a product for mild dry eye symptoms and also a version called Gel Tears that’s made for more extreme cases.

When I first started noticing the price of Blink Tears fluctuating wildly, I tried some other products. I never tried Systane because it’s always more expensive that Blink at the places I’ve shopped. But I tried many others, including a store brand or two of artificial tears. These products work for quick relief of dry eye symptoms, but they’re thin and seem to only provide results for an hour or so. Then, it’s more drops to maintain the relief. One of the store brands I tried was sticky.

After a while, I went back to Blink Tears. I just made sure that I made more careful buying decisions.

There’s no getting around the fact that this product costs more than it did when I first started using it a few years ago, but there’s also no denying that it’s the best product for chronic dry eye and computer vision syndrome symptoms. It’s the only one I recommend.

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