Back Problems? Standing Up Might Be The Cure

You may already know that the quickest way to make a headache go away is to get up and wander around a bit. This increases circulation, decreases tension and makes you feel better in general. But did you know that working standing up can cure you back pain, help you have more energy and decrease the amount of pain you feel once you finally do sit down to rest or lay down to sleep?

If you live a sedentary life like many people do, it can make a huge difference in how you feel to simply stand up. Product makers have even realized the trend toward living more of life standing up and have created products like the stand-up computer desk. These adjustable desks allow you to stand up for part of your workday and move your computer monitor, keyboard and other items up to standing height with you.

But you don’t necessarily need a standing computer desk to start spending more of your day on your feet. You can get significant benefit to your sore back, aching hips and other grumbling body parts by getting up from your chair more frequently.

If you work at home, one way to do this is to spread your standing work out across the day instead of grouping it all together. So get up every hour or so and do a load of laundry, wash the dishes, clean out that closet or whatever you need to do. Then sit back down, work some more and when you feel stiffness or grogginess setting in, stand up some more.

I find that I get especially tired and sluggish in the late afternoon, so that’s when I start popping up more often. You may be tired first thing in the morning or as it gets close to quitting time.

Experimenting with a stand-up computer desk could be a good way to feel better every moment of every day. But whatever you do, get up more. Sitting down puts a lot of stress on your body, and it isn’t as relaxing as you may think it is. Sitting too much could be decreasing the quality of your life, but you can soon solve that by getting up and around a bit more. You’ll be glad you did.

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