A Little Thing Like Dry Eye Drops Can Make A Real Difference

If you have pain, itching and scratchiness from chronic dry eye or too much computer use, I’m sure you’ll try anything to make it go away. That’s the case for me. Since I’ve found lubricating eye drops I still have dry eyes, but I don’t experience the unpleasant symptoms as much as I did.

There are many brands of eye drops on the market. I’ve used the generic brand, those brands that are $30 a bottle and everything in between. Some make your eyes feel gritty. Others make you feel sticky. Some are tolerable, and a few even feel good.

I use a combination of things now. For lubrication when I’m working at the computer, I use Blink Tears, the best lubricating eye drops I’ve found. They’re a lot less expensive than some brands but still work really well.

But I don’t use Blink all the time. When I’m out and around, I carry a bottle of cheap store brand artificial tears with me. While they’re not preservative-free like Blink and don’t work as long or as well, they’re good enough when you’re not looking at your computer, phone or anything else close up very often.

And on days when there are lots of allergens in the air, I use allergy eye drops. These are harsh, can sting and can actually make symptoms worse when used long term, so I only use these when absolutely necessary. That means several times some day and not at all for days or weeks. I really don’t recommend using these kinds of drops, but the others just won’t help enough sometimes and I resort to these.

Dealing with chronic dry eye is something you have to think about every day. But when you have the right collection of eye drops, take frequent breaks and perhaps use computer glasses or reading glasses as well, you can manage your symptoms pretty well. And managing symptoms means getting on with your life without a lot of hassles.

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