Stubble And Stubble Trimming: 6 Things You May Not Know

Stubble is in, and that’s great. Lots of guys look better with stubble. But there are some things about stubble and stubble trimming that the average person may not know. Fortunately, I have the scoop and am ready to reveal the secrets of stubble.

Here are six things about stubble, stubble trimmers and stubble trimming that you may not know:

1. Stubble is banned in some workplaces — and that’s perfectly legal.

So before you decide to make designer stubble your facial hair of choice for the rest of your life, remember that it counts against you at some prudish workplaces. Ironically, some of those workplaces allow full beards, goatees and mustaches. But since stubble is in and they wouldn’t want to be part of the latest trends, it’s out for those workplaces that try to regulate their worker’s life rather than just their work. And dress codes are perfectly legal in the United States and just about everywhere else too.

2. Guys spend half a year of their lives removing stubble.

So I say why bother? When you add up all the hours the average guy spends on shaving, it amounts to 140 days — not quite half a year, actually, but close. That’s a long time to spend doing something that isn’t particularly necessary. Instead, you could read a book, play with your beard (another alternative to shaving that’s a step above stubble in some people’s opinion) or get to work on time for a change. Or you could just go on doing what you’re doing. I suggest giving up shaving and trying stubble trimming instead.

3. Five o’clock shadow is a negative English expression that needs to go.

The expression was a marketing slogan for the Gen Safety Razor Company in England when it was trying to encourage guys not to look scruffy for teatime. But really, isn’t it time to retire this tired old expression? There’s nothing wrong with stubble anymore — and fortunately, usage of this phrase is waning. So let’s wipe it from our vocabularies once and for all. It’s about time. (Pun intended.)

4. Lots of ladies like stubble.

Yes, it’s true, despite what so many of them might tell you. In fact, it’s a bit of a fetish for some of them, I’ve heard. People have even researched this topic — for some reason or another. Apparently, when women look at pictures of men’s faces, the ones with stubble are more highly rated than the ones with no facial or with a beard. Of course, what the guy looked like otherwise might have played a role too. Still, the study confirms what I’ve always believed to be true: women like facial hair more than they let on.

5. Stubble can make up for a weak jaw.

When guys wear stubble and shave away the neck hair just a bit below the jawline, it can help define and square up a weak or saggy jawline. Even overly trimmed stubble when the jawline is too high can help with this — although guys look pretty silly when their pasty white double chins hang below their stubble beards. But if you need help with your jaw, stubble is something to consider to help you look better.

6. Good stubble requires a good stubble trimmer.

The best stubble trimmer is one with enough power to make it through a whole trimming session and an adjustable blade guard that allows for playing with the length to achieve just the right length. No one setting is right for everyone, so stubble trimmers with only one setting will only work right for a very few people — and you probably aren’t one of them.

So did you learn anything? This is all interesting — although perhaps not particularly useful — information about stubble. But no matter what you learn, guys, keep growing it.

It’s the right thing to do, don’t you think?

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