Best Electric Shaver For Black Men: This Is It

African American skin presents some unique challenges, but great grooming tools can make shaving easy — and free of bumps, irritation, ingrown hairs and other issues. Getting the best shave starts with getting the best electric shaver for black men that’s on the market, and I have a recommendation for you.

There are many high-quality electric shavers that will do a great job for men of color, but it’s hard to find a device that offers great performance along with an affordable price. That’s why I’m writing this review — so stay with me for a review of the best electric shaver for black men I’ve found.

Then, I’ll examine a few of the specific issues about African American facial hair that guys must deal with in trying to get a good shave.

The Best Electric Shaver For Black Men

For overall value and performance, nothing beats the Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver — available from Amazon. The maker promises that this device delivers a great shave, and you’ll see from the first time you use it that it won’t disappoint you.

The close and accurate cut helps keep bumps and ingrowing hairs under control and gives you a great shave without the need for applying a great deal of pressure, meaning there’s very little skin irritation or burning.

This is a foil style razor instead of a rotary device, which is another reason it’s great for African American men. Rotary blades can cause hairs to get embedded or twisted into the skin, but foil razors have blades that move in a more orderly fashion, making sure hair is cut away and not there to grow in or get infected.

Some additional features worth noting include:

  • Hypoallergenic, coated foil blades for the smoothest cut
  • Blades that cut extra close so you can avoid bumps, stubble and unevenness
  • Cord or cordless operation that allows you to use this unit no matter where the plugs are in your bathroom
  • A reasonable price that’s well below what many premium shavers cost

Issues Black Men Face When Shaving

For a variety of reasons, African American men often have more issues with shaving that men of other ethnicities. Part of the reason is the angle of the hair growth, the curly nature of the hair and the texture of the skin. Some of the issues black men face when shaving include:

Ingrown hairs. Curly hairs want to grow back inside instead of staying on the outside, and this can lead to large, unsightly bumps filled with puss that must be cleaned out. Until the hair has been pulled out or dissolves naturally in the body, the bump will remain.

Shaving bumps. Not quite as serious ingrown hairs, shaving bumps are tiny little irritations or infections of individual hair follicles. You can pull the hair out and sterilize the area with rubbing alcohol or simply use an astringent on the whole face, but new bumps may appear the next time you shave.

Razor burn. Caused by removing some of the skin during shaving or irritating the skin with a shaver or razor, the best electric shaver for black men is one that will cut and clear away the hair without irritating the skin so much that red patches of razor burn occur.

Scratches and cuts. Some African American men have skin that’s especially prone to tearing or scratching, which can leave permanent marks. The right shaver can do the job it’s supposed to do without causing cuts, scratching or any other skin damage.

So why do black men need special shavers? It’s because of the shaving complications above — but please understand that a premium quality shaver is a good device for any kind of man. Just as the Wahl model above works for men of other ethnicities, the premium electric shavers mentioned in another article will do a great job for African American men — but the two top choices cost significantly more than this model.

Final Thoughts On The Best Electric Shaver For Black Men

The best electric shaver for black men is simply one that cuts smoothly and accurately without leaving behind stray hairs that can cause ingrowing or bumps — and without damaging the skin in any way. Really, that means it’s a great electric razor for any kind of man.

Every guy has specific challenges that your body presents to you, but you don’t have to let the fact that you’re African American mean you’ll never get a close shave without consequences. There are shavers that will do a good job for you if you choose the right model.

Click here to see the Wahl electric razor on Amazon, the site with the best price. This is the best electric shaver for black men — and a great choice for many other men too.

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