Black Toilet Paper: Why It Makes More Sense Than You Think

You may have heard that Kris Jenner or Kim Kardashian or some celebrity only uses a special brand of black toilet paper. Or you may have heard that toilet papering a house or tree works much better with black toilet paper because no one can see it until morning.

You may have even heard that high-quality black toilet paper feels better against your body than the white stuff.

Whatever you’ve heard and whatever you may think of buying black toilet paper, there are actually a few sensible uses for upscale black toilet paper.

The Brand Of Black Toilet Paper To Buy

Colored toilet paper was actually very common in the United States in the mid-20th century. Through 1940 or so, it was considered a mark of elegance to have blue, green or cream-colored toilet tissue, for example. Even when I was a kid, pastel toilet paper was still available. But check out your local discount store or grocery store today and you’ll see nothing but white.

While there are some imitators, the very best black toilet paper comes from Renova. The original Renova Black Toilet Paper — available from Amazon — is luxurious, soft, three-ply tissue that gets the job done without irritation. The company claims that once you try this brand you’ll never go back to other brands. And there’s certainly something to be said for the extremely high quality.

Plus, Renova makes many other designer colors. Have you heard that Beyoncé only used Renova red toilet paper? I can understand why she’s like the quality — if that’s true, of course. But why red?

Uses For Black Toilet Paper

There are actually more uses for black toilet paper than you might imagine. While you can put it in your bathroom and use it every time you’re in there, most people reserve it for special purposes, like these:

Halloween decorating with black toilet paper. Perfect for use inside or out, it make a better impression than traditional streamers. And you can even toilet paper your own house or trees as a way of decorating for the gory and spooky holiday.

A gift for a goth. If you have relative who’s into the goth lifestyle or just likes dark clothing and accessories, black toilet paper could make a great gift for them. Even if all their gifts are always black, there’s a very good chance no one has gotten them black toilet paper yet.

Some elegance for a guest bathroom. If you have a guest bathroom with black marble or black and white tile, for example, add some interest and some elegant by putting out some black toilet paper. It will impress your guests and let them know that the little touches are important to you. (Black paper towels are available for the kitchen too!)

Humor And Style At The Same Time

The most interesting thing about black toilet paper is the impression it leaves when it’s put out to be used as toilet paper. Some people find it elegant and beautiful. Others find it funny. Most people are struck by the novelty of it and find it a bit of both.

This much is for certain: there’s not much fun in putting black toilet paper in your own bathroom and not telling anyone about it. But it makes a nice conversation piece and an interesting touch in a bathroom you share with others. Plus, it’s a fun and elegant new way to express your uniqueness — or recognize the uniqueness in others.

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