You Have 3 Powerful Choices If You Want An Alternative To Just For Men

If your beard is going grey, you may have already tried Just For Men and some of the other commercially available beard dyes. Perhaps you’ve avoided trying them because of concerns about repeatedly putting so many chemicals on your skin. You might even be worried that applying a beard dye will be painful or cause itching or burning for you.

Those are all valid concerns, and there is an alternative to Just For Men for guys with those concerns. In fact, there are several good alternatives. Here are three:

1. Use a temporary product. There are some brush-in products that work a little like women’s mascara and will last all day, then they get washed out. These are great for a few grey hairs or for having a photo made. Since they’re temporary, they work when you’re in a play, doing a costume and other times when you want to look different for only a few hours. Some people use these every day, and they are very popular with celebrities.

2. Use a natural beard dye. There are a couple of natural beard dyes that provide a nice alternative to Just For Men. These dyes don’t contain any harmful chemicals, are gentle on your skin and often allow you to repeat the application until you get just the color you want. And since they’re gentle, you can touch up as often as you like with no burning or other issues.

3. Enjoy the grey. A lot of guys are embracing the fact that they’re grey, even if they’re prematurely grey. My beard has been grey for years despite the fact that I’m just 41, but I don’t mind it. For a long time, it had spots of grey, and I’m actually pleased that it has evened out and is more uniformly grey. You might like the grey look too. Perhaps that’s the best alternative to Just For Men available.

Whatever approach you take — using a commercial product or going with an alternative — you deserve to look however you want to look. And it’s possible if you take the right actions.

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