A Good Blanket Is A Good Investment

I’ve learned that while saving money is crucially important to making ends meet and making my budget balance, some things shouldn’t be skimmed on. One of them is a blanket. I’m sold on Berkshire blankets these days because they’re of the highest quality but still come at an affordable price.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’ve had trouble sleeping from time to time. I’ve taken actions to make my sleeping experience better, and that’s helped me sleep without interruption. These actions include getting a better pillow, choosing the right mattress topper and eventually getting a new bed altogether. I’ve also made sure the humidity is right, the temperature is appropriately cool for sleeping and that I have the right sounds to cover up the noises outside that disturb me.

But I’ve learned that having the right sheets and blankets matter a lot. I like to sleep with a medium thread-count sheet set — not something too heavy — and a very soft blanket. Even though there’s a sheet between my skin and the Berkshire blanket on my bed, I can still feel the softness. It’s a huge step up from the lumpy mess I had before. My old blanket actually had lumps I could feel through the sheet.

Berkshire blankets have proven to be more durable than the cheap discount store blankets I was using before. Those old blankets would tear after a year or so, making them only good as packaging material and not for sleeping. So far, the two Berkshire blankets I have remain in great shape after six years. Needless to say, if I ever do need another blanket, I’ll certainly get the same brand.

While you might not think something like the brand of your blanket would make very much difference, it can. When you have trouble sleeping and are looking for ways to make the nighttime experience as good as possible, it makes sense to choose quality in all your bedding. A Berkshire blanket is affordable quality that fits into my budget and will surely fit into yours too.

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