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What Happens If You Put Cooking Oil In Your Hair?

With all the talk these days about hair oil, beard oil and all sorts of oils for all sorts of skin, hair and nail issues, you might be tempted to simply try using cooking oil on your body. After all, it’s cheaper than, say, argon oil or sweet almond oil — and it will probably do some good, right?

The answer is a qualified yes. It can work pretty well if you don’t use too much. But there are better choices.

So what will happen if you put cooking oil in your hair? It depends on the kind of cooking oil and how much you use. If it’s standard vegetable oil and you don’t use more than several drops, it could increase the control of your hair and make it feel softer. A lot of guys use oil on their beards, too. This keeps the stray hairs from sticking out as much, especially if there’s some gray in the beard.

But using a lot of cooking oil results in a sticky, gunky mess that never goes away or soaks in. The good news is that most shampoos are designed to get oil under control, so the cooking oil will wash out fairly easily. Once you’ve put on too much oil the first time, you’ll never make that mistake again!

Try Olive Oil Or Almond Oil Instead Of Cooking Oil

For beards, hair, skin and strong fingernails, try extra virgin olive oil instead. It doesn’t even have to be one of the best brands.

This type of cooking oil has been used in Italy and elsewhere in the Mediterranean for centuries to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Applying a small amount — you still don’t want too much — to your hair or to a guy’s beard can make it more manageable. And a small amount applied to a dry, rough patch of skin can help it heal up. Many women apply it to their nails and cuticles for softness. And lots of people like the smell.

I actually prefer to use sweet almond oil for all those uses. It isn’t as cheap as cooking oil or a low-quality olive oil, but it isn’t as expensive as argon oil or some of the other specialty oils marketed for use on the body.

So try cooking oil on your hair if you like. Just don’t use to much. But try some better quality oils as well. For many people, use of the right oil every day is an important part of their overall beauty and health program.