Use A Berkshire Blanket To Stay Comfortable No Matter How Cold It Gets

While some people can’t sleep when they’re too hot, many people get muscle aches and pains that cause them to stay awake when they’re too cold. And for those who like to be cozy and warm at night, there’s no blanket that’s better than a Berkshire Blanket.

In fact, while other blankets may be thin and let air through — or wear out after a single season of use, Berkshire Blankets are small investments that will stay with you for years. They’re that good.

My Berkshire Blanket Review

I’ve tried many blankets through the years. While I actually like to be cool when I sleep, my home doesn’t have central heating and can get very cold at night despite my small heaters. That’s when my Berkshire Blankets come in handy. I have one on my bed every night to keep my feet and hips warm, and I have a second standing by for the coldest nights.

All the various throws and covers from this brand start with 100 percent microfiber that’s brushed and then brushed again to make it as soft as possible. There’s never any chance of one of these getting knotty or developing lumps like you get from a cheap discount store blanket or an old-style electric blanket. And Berkshire bedding is all completely machine washable. That’s essential if you want to keep allergens at bay.

You’ll even notice the softness when you have a sheet between you and the blanket. I layer a sheet next to my body, one of these covers on top and then a relatively thin comforter on top of that. On the coldest nights, I add a second blanket folded in half at the bottom of my bed to make sure my feet stay warm. And so far, this has always been plenty, even when it’s well below freezing.

I like the story behind these blankets too. In business since 1993 and based in Massachusetts, this American company was founded when someone gave away a handmade blanket and started to realize how important blankets can be to people. Now, the company offers a complete satisfaction guarantee, something you won’t get at a discount store. And when you order Berkshire Blankets online from Amazon as I do, you get its generous refund policy supporting your purchase too.

While the company makes bed sheets, throw pillows and many other things for the home, the company’s success is based on the success of its original fleece blanket, the same kind I have on my bed right now.

Your Blanket Choice Really Matters

If you’re like me and have trouble sleeping some nights, you know how important it is to get everything right. You need a room that’s a good temperature, the right sounds and the right bedding. I recommend that you use Berkshire sheets, but you need to use whatever feels right to you. This much is certain, however: there’s no better blanket on the market than any of the several Berkshire Blanket types.

The right cover makes a difference if you’re prone to pain issues that can keep you awake. When you have a blanket that feels good on your body, it’s like a gentle caress or massage that helps get those good feelings going and lets you fall asleep better.

Every little thing helps, and that includes your bed covers.

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