Reading Daily Devotional Messages Helps You With Responsible Living

Responsible living that doesn’t involve overspending, using too many of the world’s resources or stressing very much about the small stuff is always my goal, and reading a daily devotional guide helps me stay on track.

Every morning, I like to reset myself with a few minutes of meditation — really just being quiet and not thinking about anything in particular. After a minute or two, the thoughts fade away and my mind is clear. At least that’s usually what happens.

But it’s hard to get into a spiritual frame of mind sometimes. That’s when I turn to a daily devotional guide. While I don’t get much benefit from self-help books and most spiritual books, reading a couple of paragraphs intended to put me in a positive, uplifting frame of mind seems to help.

When a daily devotional guide is well-written, simple, clever and not overly dogmatic — something that doesn’t insult my intelligence — I can really benefit from it. In fact, I’ve included devotional readings as part of my life since I was a teenager. I don’t read a message every day, but I read one most days.

I have one or two good guides that I simply use over and over, starting over at the beginning and reading one message per day. Sometimes, I hardly pay attention to what I’m reading at all and want to get on with meditating. Sometimes the words strike me hard and I meditate on a specific line or two instead of using my usual clear-mind method.

If you’re not including daily devotional messages of one kind or another in your life, you’re missing out. You’re skipping over the chance to focus your attention outside yourself for a few minutes and think about the big picture. Your missing the chance for a few moments of mental peace that you’re sure to enjoy.

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