Get Years More Use And Save Money By Saving Your Old Mattress

A mattress is a huge investment, so frugal folks won’t want to buy a new one until you absolutely must. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to extend the life of your old mattress so you can get additional months or years of use out of it.

If you mattress is in basically good condition but it needs some additional padding on the top or has rips in the fabric, find an old comforter or bedspread and wrap up the mattress. This adds a bit of padding and covers the damaged material too. You can put an old comforter on first and then cover everything with a larger bedspread. A fitted sheet will still fit over all of this in most cases.

If sagging in the middle or on one side is the issue, a sheet of plywood placed between the mattress and the platform or box springs could help you. And a sheet of half-inch plywood, for example, is only a few dollars at a home center. You can place it instead under the platform is there’s a broken piece inside the platform causing sagging.

For a little more money, a foam mattress topper can make a big difference. You can find one made of memory foam or choose a less expensive one made from traditional foam. Either way, it can add years to an otherwise doomed mattress while reducing pressure points that cause you pain. You may have to get deep-pocket fitted sheets if you get a particularly thick mattress topper pad.

Whether money is an issue for you or not, it makes sense to get as much life as possible out of every item in your home. To get the most life from your mattress, consider wrapping it up, shoring it up with some plywood or adding a mattress topper. All of these things can save you money and lead to a better night’s sleep that can help you wake up to better mornings than ever before.

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