Low Power Reading Glasses Can Help Save Your Career

Low power reading glasses haven’t solved all the problems in my life, but they gave me back the career I feared I was losing. That’s pretty significant.

About two years ago, I reached the end of my rope. Looking at a computer screen for even five minutes caused me so much pain and irritation in and around my eyes that I thought my career as a writer and website creator was over.

In frustration, I did something I hate: I went to the doctor.

When the optometrist told me that most of his business is related to computer eye problems, I wasn’t surprised. But when he told me that my problems could all be solved with lubricating eye drops and low power reading glasses, I was stunned. Why would I need glasses since I could see just fine?

Sure, I could see. I just couldn’t stand to look at anything for very long.

Just A Little Help

Low power reading glasses, I learned from my eye doctor, help many people who can see just fine.

Today’s electronic lifestyle involves looking at lots of screens for long hours. Our eyes get strained when we look at the same kinds of things all the time — and they get dry from forgetting to blink often enough. The condition is called computer vision syndrome — or CVS.

Taking frequent breaks and attempting to focus on things at great distance every few minutes helps alleviate the symptoms, but in many cases our eyes are working too hard to get all the rest they need from only a brief break. Instead, we can take some of the strain off them with low power reading glasses.

Looking at a computer screen causes muscles to tighten so they can adjust to the fine level of detail involved with blocks of text and intricate graphics. Our eyes simply weren’t designed to do close-up work all the time. Reading glasses of just +0.25, +0.50 or +0.75 diopters can provide enough magnification to allow our eyes to relax a bit. That reduces pain from eye strain.

Because we forget to blink when we examine close work for a long period of time, lubricating eye drops or artificial tears are necessary to take care of the dryness and stinging.

It Really Works

I got back my career by following my eye doctor’s advice.

Low power reading glasses aren’t available at drugstores and discount chains like other readers, but you can order them from some online retailers or have them custom-made with whatever magnification you need.

There are also computer glasses on the market with the magnification that those of us with CVS need. These special glasses usually look like protective eyewear or something from a science fiction movie and often involve tinting and anti-glare coatings too.

I can’t tell you that my eyes never hurt anymore. I like to push the limits, and I’m always staying at the computer longer than I should or trying to manage with fewer drops, so I still have some problems. But when I do what I’m supposed to do, I feel better.

Surprisingly, I even see better when I’m wearing my low power reading glasses at the computer. As it turns out, a little magnification — and a little attention to eye health — helps even those of us who see just fine.

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