Learn How To Dye Your Beard So You Always Look Great

Maybe you’re just starting to get a few streaks of gray and want to learn how to dye your beard before you start looking really old. Or maybe your beard is all gray and you want a fresh new look. Either way, you can take action and look great. You can even dye your multicolored colored or blond beard and make it darker, more noticeable and more fashionable.

But one thing is certain: a bad beard dye job can make you look worse instead of better. Follow this advice about how to dye your beard and you’re well on your way to getting the job done right:

1. Get enough length first. It’s very difficult to dye a stubble beard or very short beard, so consider growing your beard a little longer if you want to dye it. While you may be used to a very short beard or perhaps don’t want your gray to be very noticeable before you start dying, you probably won’t be satisfied with the results if you start dying too soon.

2. Choose the right product. Not all beard dyes are the same. There are permanent and semi-permanent dyes as well as brush-in products that wipe right off at the end of the day. You can also choose a chemical dye or a natural beard dye. While chemicals are available in gels that are very easy to use, they may irritate your skin. Natural dyes take longer to cover and are harder to use, but there’s no irritation and you can repeat them as often as necessary.

3. Take precautions. Beard dye and all types of hair dye get all over the place, so take precautions to protect your skin, your clothing, your sink and your carpet or flooring. In many cases, it helps if you mask off the skin around your beard with petroleum jelly to prevent it getting stained. You will also want to wear gloves, work over an old towel, wear an old shirt and put a towel or mat on the floor under you. It’s safe that say that any spilled dye probably won’t come out easily if at all, and you don’t want to ruin everything in your bathroom while learning how to dye your beard.

4. Follow directions exactly. Both natural and chemical beard dyes are tested extensively. It’s in the manufacturer’s best interest to provide correct and complete instructions so you’ll be satisfied with the product and buy it again. Directions usually include timing information, how often you can use the product and tips for avoiding staining your skin. Most products work fine when used as directed, but you’ll find that some products work better for you than others.

5. Examine results meticulously. Since a badly dyed beard looks worse than a gray one, check your results carefully with a hand mirror and make sure every hair is covered perfectly. If you see areas that aren’t covered, repeat the application if allowed. Some chemical beard dyes can only be used every few days or every couple of weeks. If you make some mistakes, use a brush-on mascara type beard coloring product to cover the problem areas until you learn how to dye your beard effectively.

6. Redo often for consistency. They key to looking your best is to maintain a consistent appearance. Don’t let the gray show between dying sessions. Retouch as often as allowed, and use mascara-type touch-up products if necessary. If you allow gray to show at some times and not at others, people will realize you’re dying your beard, question your personal grooming habits and could think less of you.

Remember, you don’t have to dye your beard. There’s nothing wrong with a little or a lot of gray. And there’s nothing wrong with having a blond or multicolored beard. But if you’re serious about dying your facial hair, learn how to dye your beard so that you look natural, healthy and consistent from day to day.

When you do a good job with your beard, you and those around you will think it looks great. And no one will care whether it’s natural or dyed. They’ll just be impressed that you look so good.

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