Raise The Humidity Inside Your Home To Sleep Better, Look Better And Be More Comfortable

It’s amazing that I didn’t realize the importance of maintaining the right humidity level inside my home until recently. Sure, I know that indoor humidity makes me feel hotter in the summer, but I didn’t realize that adding humidity to the air in the dry winter months could actually help me sleep better and help decrease the signs of aging.

I’m at the age where fine lines are starting to show up on my face, and keeping the air inside my home at the right humidity helps keep those under control, especially as I sleep. I’ve also found that I sleep more soundly when there’s a bit of humidity.

This realization all started because I was waking up every morning with a scratchy throat. But I wasn’t sick. So I started looking for the cause. Someone suggested that I get a humidistat — or a humidity gauge — and see if the humidity was too low inside the house. Since I use space heaters in my home, the humidity was dangerously low inside, especially on the days when it was the least humid outside.

So I bought a Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier from Amazon. The humidity in my home started to rise within a few minutes of plugging it in, and I slept more soundly than ever. When I woke up, there was no scratchiness in my throat. It seems that the extreme dryness wasn’t just uncomfortable when I woke up each morning but was also causing me to wake during the night because it was making it difficult to breath.

I’ve heard of humidifiers all my life, of course, but I thought they weren’t something that was necessary here in Texas where the climate is fairly moderate. But there are times of extreme low humidity everywhere, and heaters of all kinds can strip the humidity out of indoor air.

Now that I know that I can actually sleep better with a humidifier, I’ll be watching the humidity every day and using mine whenever the humidity inside my home drops.

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