Why Choose The Lowest Power Reading Glasses? Or No Magnification At All?

While most people associate reading glasses with those who need magnification to read print, there are eyeglasses that have no magnification at all. This is because eyeglasses offer more services than just to make things look larger and easier to read.

The truth is, your eyes need protection even if they are 20/20. While sunglasses are good for bright, outdoor settings, they are quite impractical for being indoors. However, low power reading glasses offer considerable advantages even for those who do not need any magnification.

Look Better

There are those who think they look better wearing glasses and there is nothing wrong with that. You can sport some nifty glasses that not only highlight your features but cover less than desirable sights such as bags under the eyes, scars, dark circles or other issues they want to keep hidden. In addition, those who have eyebrows which are not quite symmetrical often use glasses to hide that fact.

The good news is that you can choose from a wide variety of glasses to help you look your best. From small, sleek, modern designs to old-fashioned ones that highlight your personality, the right set of glasses can do wonders for your appearance.

Light & Glare Protection

While most people associate glasses that are tinted and offer glare protection with sunglasses, the problem that they offer is most are too dark for indoor use. For those who use the computer, wearing glasses that are tinted and offer glare protection considerably reduces the strain on the eyes. While sunglasses are often too dark, you can choose from a series of low power reading glasses that provide pleasing tints and protection from glare that helps prevent eye strain and keeps you comfortable.

Protection from the Wind

In addition to shielding your eyes from bright light, the lowest power reading glasses are also perfect for windy conditions that otherwise would irritate your eyes. Keep in mind that such glasses are not only perfect outside, but inside when you are exposed to the breeze caused by fans or air conditioners that can dry your eyes quickly.

For those who have dry eye issues, getting a set of standard glasses can block the breeze so that your eyes are less affected by the wind.

Your Eyesight Will Change

Even if you keep your 20/20 vision as you get older, the need for reading glasses becomes more apparent as your eyes lose the ability to change focus at close distances. This means that reading a book or newspaper becomes more difficult when you reach your 40s and beyond. Having a pair of low power glasses comes in handy during these times which makes it easier for your eyes to focus and see the print.

There are so many uses for your lowest power reading glasses that it makes choosing them a good idea, even if you do not need the magnification. They offer simple, effective protection for the eyes that range from the strain caused by looking into computer screens all day long to the glare generated by the sun.

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