8 Essential Male Grooming Tips That Matter

You may think people don’t notice your grooming, but sometimes people are in situations where they can’t help but notice. And some people have a particularly acute awareness of grooming. Please take these male grooming tips to heart as you consider how to groom yourself right so that you look and feel great in all work and social situations.

After all, people get closer to you than you may realize. At work, people approach you at your desk and stand over you, noticing you from an angle that’s hard for you to see. And you walk up to others who are sitting down, showing your nose hair and poorly shaven chin to them, perhaps. At a party and in other social situations, it’s not unusual for people to stand right next to you, watching the irregular line of your moustache along your lip.

When you take the following pieces of male grooming advice into consideration, however, you can be sure you’re looking your best, no matter the situation:

1. Keep your beard and moustache in check. Even large beards and big moustaches look best when they’re well-groomed. Some workplaces don’t allow these, and that’s their loss. But you need to do whatever is necessary to keep your facial hair looking clean, nice and like you pay a bit of attention to it. For short and medium lengths, use a beard trimmer to keep the length even and the edges clean. In general, you want to look natural and carefree, not over-groomed or under-concerned. For longer beards, use scissors or go to a barber and let them do all the work.

2. Keep the stubble look consistent. This is among the most often-overlooked male grooming tips today. If you skip shaving for a day or two, you look like you may be growing a beard. If you let your scruff grow out for several days, you look like you don’t care. For the stubble look to look like a style instead of an accident, keep your stubble groomed to a consistent length. This requires the best stubble trimmer for the job — one with adjustable settings so you can choose the length that works best for you. Shave around the edges if necessary to maintain a clean and well-groomed look.

3. Watch those eyebrows. Unruly eyebrows are the mark of a man who doesn’t take care of himself. Yet great eyebrows can make a good face even more expressive and handsome. Eyebrows are meant to help you convey emotion, but as you get older, they will often get bushy and wiry. It’s best to keep them cut very short with a body groomer if they’re bushy. Trim with scissors if you find that they’re just a bit out of control. Only pluck stray hairs as a last resort because this can damage the eyebrow, and eventually you won’t have anything left.

4. Obsess about nose hairs. If there’s anything to obsess about, it’s nose hair. Nothing is more of a turn off for a job interview, client meeting or date than seeing a crop of nose hair sticking out. And one or two missed hairs is as bad a nose full, so be obsessive about making sure nose hair is under control every day. Since it can be removed in seconds with the right nose hair trimmer, there’s no reason to worry. Just get a trimmer and get this taken care of. This could be the most important male grooming tip of all.

5. Obsess on ear hair too. Some guys who properly obsess about their nose hair don’t notice those dark ear hairs that start to creep in during your 30s and 40s, if not before. I like to pull the ones I can see out with tweezers, then I use a trimmer to clip any that remain. And there are always some that remain. As your hair starts to go grey, there will be even more ear hairs of various colors, and you can’t always see them in the mirror. Be sure to trim or pluck every couple of days, and use a flashlight and hand mirror to check your results.

6. Make sure your neck is trimmed. Whether you cut your own hair or go to a professional, you need to pay attention to the back of your neck. A great haircut may still look great two weeks later, but your neck will show that it’s not a fresh cut anymore. And if you only get your hair cut every six weeks or so, your neck hair can really get out of control before you get back to the salon. But you can learn to trim your own neck hair with a beard trimmer or shave it with a razor. Just use a hand mirror and practice the technique with the cutter off or without the razor in your hand. You’ll get the hang of it in no time — just don’t go too up to high. That looks weird.

7. Clean up the hair over your ears. With a good trimmer or some good scissors, you can clean up those stray hairs over your ears and make your haircut last longer, giving you a fresh look all the time. And besides, those stray hairs rubbing against your ears can sometimes be really annoying. If you prefer, you can let your hair grow over your ears and pull it back, but make a plan and stick with it. Hair dangling above the ears don’t have a finished or professional look and can be as annoying to see on others as it is to experience on yourself.

8. Remember that it’s not all about hair. Even though most of these male grooming tips focus on hair, part of good grooming is keeping your skin clean and looking healthy as well. Diet plays an important role in the health of your skin, but so does cleaning and moisturizing. Use a men’s face care package of products that complement each other. When you keep your skin healthy, you’ll feel better and look better too. And that’s worth the few minutes each day that a skin care regimen takes.

When you take these eight male grooming tips into account as part of your routine, you can make sure you always look great and don’t distract others from what you’re saying or doing.

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