Squinting? How To Find Low Power Reading Glasses

If you’ve started holding your tablet or favorite magazine further away than you normally do to see the words clearly, it may be time to invest in reading glasses. However, while most reading glasses you can purchase at retail stores are inexpensive, they may not be right for your needs.

This is because most reading glasses carry a magnification power that may be far greater than what you need. This is where having low power reading glasses comes in handy. Your eye doctor can help you decide exactly what power is best for you.

What are Low Power Reading Glasses?

Most reading glasses have a magnification power of at least +1.50 diopters with some going as low as +1.25 and a few that offer +1.0. While that may not sound like much, the magnification levels are quite strong for some people. Too much magnification means you get pain, blurriness and a world of other problems. Plus, they may cause headaches or eye strain when used too often.

Low power reading glasses generally range in the +.25, +.50, and +.75 diopters range. They offer just enough magnification for your needs without being overpowering. This low amount of magnification works for many people, but they are usually not stocked at local retail stores.

How to Find Low Power Reading Glasses

Since reading glasses that have a magnification of less than +1.0 are not found in local retail stores, you are left with two basic choices. You can order them online or have them custom made. While both methods are similar, you’ll find that custom made low power reading glasses are not that expensive if you shop at the right online stores.

While you can find some online stores that carry reading glasses in the +.25 range and above, there are issues with getting good, high quality lenses and frames. After all, it doesn’t help to order glasses that either fall apart or are simply not suited for your needs.

Custom made glasses do not require a prescription, and you can order low power reading glasses online at some shops for under $10. You can have them customized to your needs simply by entering the information and sending it in once completed. There are generally few questions involved and the most common ones deal with the magnification needed and the distance between the center of your pupils, so the frames can be the right size.

You can choose the magnification based on your needs — and if you do not know the distance between your pupils for your frame size, just enter “63” as that is the most common. Unless you have an unusually large or small distance between your pupils, “63” should get you a pair that you can use.

Finding the right pair of low power reading glasses means that you can enjoy them in comfort and not have to worry about eyestrain or headaches that are often associated with overpowered reading glasses. Plus, you can order them for a low price and even get a few sets so that you have them handy for home, work, and other places where a good pair of reading glasses are needed.

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