What’s The Lowest Reading Glasses Strength Available?

If you’re searching online for reading glasses and aren’t finding what you want, you’re probably looking for very high magnification or very low magnification. The lowest reading glasses strength can actually be very difficult to find, but options are available to meet your needs if you know where to look.

So what the lowest reading glasses strength available? You can actually get glasses with no magnification at all. These can be used for cosmetic purposes only, to protect your eyes from the drying effects of wind and central heating and to keep you from rubbing your eyes and causing eye problems you’re experiencing from getting worse.

If you need slight magnification, you probably want glasses with a magnification of 0.25 diopters, 0.50 diopters or 0.75 diopters. These low power reading glasses may have been recommended to you by an eye doctor for eye protection and to reduce eye strain at the computer. Magnifications greater than that are usually readily available at drugstores and other locations around town.

In my case, I wear reading glasses with a magnification of 0.50 diopters to reduce my symptoms of computer vision syndrome, and they work just great. Most days, I have no pain, itchiness or blurriness at all.

If you have trouble finding the lowest reading glasses strength, you can check on Amazon for choices. They don’t always have low power readers, but they often do.

Your best choice if you can’t find anything at Amazon is to order from a place online that specializes in prescription glasses. Here’s a little-known fact: you don’t have to have a prescription to order from one of those places. Just tell them the magnification you need. You can usually get low power reading glasses from one of these places for $10 or less.

I know from experience that it can be difficult to find the lowest reading glasses strength available, but it’s not impossible. And these glasses can make a real difference for you at the computer and in a variety of other situations.

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