Is It Really Worth Saving An Old Mattress?

I’ve seen several articles online explaining how to save an old mattress, and these contain some great ideas. But I’d like to suggest that saving an old mattress may not be a good idea. Here’s why.

When a mattress starts to lose its shape and fail to support you, you can prolong its life by adding some additional padding. You can even tape up any damage to the fabric and put a board between the mattress and the platform for additional support. But this may not solve all your problems.

If you have a lot of aches and pains, it could be your old mattress that’s causing them or aggravating them. Instead of looking for information on how to save an old mattress, you might should be looking for information on where to get an affordable new mattress and how to perhaps add a comfort-enhancing topper to it if it doesn’t come with a pillow top.

There are also other things to think about with an old bed. Since they collect dirt through the years, it makes sense to replace them periodically. Some mattress companies tell you that a mattress needs to be replaced every eight years, but they’re just trying to sell more mattresses. There are even television ads that say an old mattress weighs twice as much when discarded as when purchased because it collects dead dust mites and other debris, but this has been proven false. You need to replace a mattress when it no longer performs well for you, regardless of the age.

In fact, here’s something that’s true: sleeping on a surface that’s uncomfortable to you is a bad idea. You need to do whatever you can to solve the problem if your old mattress isn’t performing well for you. It make sense to try some simple things to enhance your old mattress. But if those don’t work, buying an affordable new mattress may save you the most in the long run.

When you’re unproductive because of aches and pains, you’re costing yourself a lot. Sometimes, the most economical thing you can do is to buy something new. Maybe that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth.

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