What Does It Take To Keep A Guy’s Face Looking Great?

A generation or two ago, men weren’t supposed to use beauty products like moisturizers, fancy soaps and skin toners. Today, just about every man uses some kind of beauty product on his face, even if it’s just good soap. So what does it take to keep a guy’s face looking its best in today’s world of harsh sun and fast food that doesn’t support skin health?

It all starts with using a soap that doesn’t do more harm than good. That’s why you need something gentle and not drying. Products that are formulated especially for men usually don’t contain many ingredients that are different from women’s formulations, but the scent and sometimes the texture is changed to be more appealing to men. Since the scent can hang around for hours, that’s important.

After soap, the next most important element of any men’s face care package is moisturizer. Fine lines fade away when your skin is properly hydrated, and moisturizer can protect your face from future damage from sun, wind or harsh conditions.

After that, the elements change depending on your age and how you live your life. You may want a cream or balm to help further reduce fine lines around your eyes. And you’ll want a sunscreen too. Daily use of sunscreen is recommend, but you’ll certainly want to use it on any day you plan to be in the sun more than about 15 minutes.

Some guys also add special nighttime creams and deep moisturizers to their facial care package, but some find these things too oily. Other guys require acne medication to keep spots at bay. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all men’s face care package, but you can start with a basic package and add on items that you need for your particular skin type.

There’s no reason to be timid about using facial care products and other lotions and potions to keep your skin and body healthy. It might not have been the thing to do 50 years ago, but things were different then. There wasn’t even an Internet to turn to when you needed male skin care advice.

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