Best Sleep Tracker Offers Affordable Accuracy

Most of the sleep trackers on the market today track sleep in the same way, but the best sleep tracker provides affordable accuracy without pretending that it can do more than it actually can. If you need the best sleep monitor for helping you find out whether you have a severe nighttime problem, there’s a model available for you.

You see, one of the keys to feeling better during the day is getting a good night’s sleep. But there are other things that also cause sluggishness and sleepiness during the day, and you need to make sure you have a sleep problem before you try to treat your problem with changes in bedding, sleep-enhancing products and lifestyle and food choice changes.

The best sleep tracker is from an increasingly popular brand — and it does what it says it will without over-promising.

Sleep Tracker Reviews You Can Trust

You may have seen sleep track reviews online that are about devices that range in price from $600 to less than a hundred. I’ve found from personal experience that you can get all the features you need from an affordable choice like the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband — available from Amazon. It’s the best sleep tracker for the money and one that you can trust.

You may have seen some sleep track reviews where doctors and others have worn a sleep tracker watch and other devices into a sleep lab to see how well they work. And all the devices gave results that are pretty much the same. The more features a device has, according to those reviews, the more likely it was to misinterpret results or give you bad data. So these reviewers recommend keeping it simple, and so do I.

Basically, all sleep tracker have tiny motion sensors that notice whether you’re still, tossing and turning or moving normally during sleep. While some models try to decide what level of sleep you’re in, the accuracy for that is very low. So I would disregard this as a feature.

I like the FitBit Flex because it’s very small, making it easy to get accustomed to wearing. Some of the other devices are large and chunky, and I don’t want to wear them to bed. This one is sleek and simple, although there are other FitBit sleep tracker models available if you prefer — and they’ve been shown to all do about equally well as a sleep tracker.

Sleeping monitoring isn’t all that a FitBit watch can do, as you may already know if you’ve heard of this popular product before. It can also track the distance you walk in a day, the number of calories burned and how many minutes of the day you’ve been active — all useful features.

Additionally, this device can gently wake you up without bothering your sleeping partner. And of course, all information gathered during the day and the night can be synced with your computer or smart phone so you can make sense of it.

While not even this best sleep tracker is 100 percent accurate, it isn’t meant to be. It’s meant to give a general indication of how well you’re sleeping so you can make smart decisions about what changes in your lifestyle are necessary and what activities are making a difference in how well you sleep.

Other Sleep Monitors Cost More

There are several of sleep monitors comparison charts online, and they seem to all say the same thing: all the brands and models do the same thing, but some cost hundreds more than others. The FitBit is my choice as the best sleep tracker because it performs just as well as others in those reviews and has proven to me that it works — yet it costs the least of any type of sleep monitor available.

I can’t see any features missing from this sleep tracker, and it has a battery that lasts for 5 days or more, so you don’t have to worry about the device running down overnight. It comes with a simple contact charger that couldn’t be easier to use. If you ever have trouble with it of any kind, you can reset it with a paperclip inserted into a small hole, so you don’t have to worry about sending it for repair.

I noticed a few reviews talking about skin irritation from the band, but I have fairly sensitive skin, and it didn’t bother me.

So why not give this device a try? If you want the best sleep tracker, you want the one from FitBit. In addition to being the least expensive brand available, it comes in a sleek design and from a respected name. What’s not like?

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