Andis Clippers Are The Best Clippers For Dogs And People

With so many brands of clippers on the market, it’s hard to decide what brand to buy — whether you’re looking for clippers for dogs or hair clippers for men or women. But you can’t go wrong when you go with Andis.

I’ve noticed that most professional hair salons around here use either Andis clippers or Braun trimmers. While Remington, Panasonic and a few other brands sell well on store shelves, the professionals always tend to turn to Andis or Braun.

A few days ago, someone on Facebook asked a friend of mine who is a dog groomer what brand of clippers he would recommend for them — and he also suggested Andis clippers. Apparently, that’s what he learned to use when he was in school to become a dog groomer, and that’s still the brand he prefers today.

I’ve learned that clippers for humans and clippers for dogs are really the same thing. Dog grooming clippers may have a stronger motor and may be made so they can be sharpened, but they can often be used on people. All you have to do is test on a small area to make sure that the blade guard isn’t irritating to your skin.

My dog groomer friend advised the person asking on Facebook to get the clippers in one of two ways:
– order online, where they’re always cheaper than in stores and where the selection is much greater, or
– buy uses from a local store that sells men’s shavers and related equipment, if there’s one nearby.

He said that the most important thing is the brand, and that the specific model didn’t matter very much.

I have a greater need for hair clippers for men and women than for dogs, and Andis has always been a top choice for me. I’m glad to know that a trusted friend who has been in the dog grooming business for years trusts Andis as much as I do. His comments confirm for me that Andis clippers are truly the best — no matter what you’re clipping.

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