There Are Alternatives To Having A Gray Beard

If your beard is going gray, there are several alternatives to having a gray beard that you can consider. Remember, as we age, our faces and bodies change. And that means the facial hair you had when you were younger may no longer be appropriate any more.

If you’re looking for alternatives to a gray beard, you could consider:

Shaving it. Even if you’re a lifelong beard-wearer, there’s nothing wrong with being clean-shaven once you start going gray. You may not have cared about looking older before, but now shaving will almost certainly make you look younger.

Trimming it shorter. Long strands of gray in a longer beard are more evident and look less appealing than short, closely cropped gray hairs. Consider trimming your beard short once it starts going gray and go for the distinguished and well-groomed look rather than the full and manly look you’ve enjoyed before.

Coloring it. There are temporary colors that go on like mascara and can cover up gray for pictures, speeches or events when you need to look your best. You can also brush in a natural beard coloring that matches your color. I can’t recommend harsh products like Just For Men, but natural beard coloring is okay to use if you like.

Embracing it. As I said, our faces change as we age, and it’s perfectly fine to embrace what’s happening to you. Getting older and getting gray hairs in your beard doesn’t mean you’re declining, it means you’ve simply moving into the next phase of life. It happens to all of us.

This much is certain: you can do whatever you want! Just don’t try to look like you did before you had gray hair. Understand that life is all about evolution, change and growth. And you probably earned those gray hairs — even if they came a lot earlier than you expected.

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