Bag Balm Isn’t Just For Women And It Isn’t Just A Fad

Remember a few years ago when women were putting udder cream all over their bodies and using hair conditioners that were made for horses on their own hair? Not long ago, there was a bit of a fad involving the use of products first intended for animals on humans. Lots of brands popped up on the market that weren’t really made for animals at all. They were made to sell to consumers who were interested in the fad.

While Bag Balm certainly benefited from this trend, it didn’t spring up as a result of it. The uses of Bag Balm have been known for decades because the produce has been on the market through many generations of humans.

With a texture like a slightly smoother and silkier version of Vaseline, the only thing that some people find unappealing about this miracle skin lotion is the smell. Some people thing it has a fresh grass smell or a feedlot smell. But that’s probably because the balm is used on many kinds of barnyard animals and has therefore become associated in many people’s minds with a barnyard. When you visit a petting zoo, for example, the smell you detect may not be the natural animal scent. In many cases, it’s Bag Balm.

But for healing badly cracked and severely dry skin, there’s nothing better than Bag Balm. It can also be used as a shaving oil, for chapped lips and even for soothing minor burns that don’t break the skin. And of course, it can be used for calming razor burn and clipper rash — just as it is in many kinds of animals.

Bag Balm isn’t part of any fad, isn’t something only for women and doesn’t smell that bad. It’s a great product to have around if you have minor skin complaints that nothing else seems to heal. Bag Balm will probably work in your situations where nothing else will.

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