Getting The Best TV Soundbar Has Dramatically Changed My TV Viewing

There’s a dirty little secret that the makers of modern flat-screen televisions don’t tell you: the sounds is usually pretty terrible. Many TVs with great pictures have terrible sound quality. And some televisions have sound that’s so bad you can’t even understand what people are saying or get the volume up loud enough to use it in a big room.

There really aren’t many televisions with good built-in sound anymore. Fortunately, a Philips sound bar can solve the problem for you as it did for me.

There are two problems with today’s TVs:
– TV makers need to keep costs down to keep prices competitive, and cutting corners on built-in sound equipment is one way to make a TV that sells for less.
– There’s not much room inside today’s small TV cases for speakers. Given the space available, how could the sound be any good?

I actually sent one TV back because the sound was so bad, then when I bought a different model and it didn’t have much better sound. So I ordered one more time and bought a Philips sound bar, which is available through this Amazon affiliate link. That’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. In addition to being able to get as much volume as I want, I can also run the sound from my phone through the speaker system without a cord thanks to the Bluetooth capability. You can also hook up an MP3 player and other devices if you have them.

The sound is amazing for such a small, low-profile bar, and the price is a lot lower than I was expecting for this quality. The virtual surround sound capability isn’t very convincing, but that’s the only flaw.

I’m not someone with bad hearing. I actually hear pretty well. But when I’m watching television or a movie, I like an immersive experience. I like full sound, not just background noise for when I’m not talking or doing something else. With the Philips sound bar I bought along with my new television, I have the best viewing experience in my home I’ve ever had. And I didn’t have to shell out a lot of money — something I just couldn’t do.

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