Men’s Face Care: 5 Smart Steps You Can Start Now

For men, face care may not be high on our priorities lists. But more of us than ever before are learning that to continue feeling and look great throughout life, we need to make an effort to take care of our skin – and, in particular, our faces. Face care for men may not be something that your father or grandfather cared about, but it should be part of your daily routine.

There are some great products available in stores and online that can help you with your men’s face care plan. No matter what brand of products you choose, however, they won’t work for you unless you stick with a regular program.

Men’s Face Care In 5 Simple Steps

Here are 5 smart facial care tips for men that you need to put into practice every day if you want skin that looks and feels great:

1. Wash with a good cleanser. This basic step should never be ignored. If you’re taking a really hot shower and using body soap to clean your face while in the shower, you’re doing it wrong. This dries your skin and can make you look older, something that none of us want from our men’s face care regimen. Use a gentle product that’s made for faces to get rid of dirt and oil without drying you out too much. A product with colloidal oatmeal can help hydrate and reduce fine lines.

2. Think about your razor choice. Lots of us prefer not to shave at all these days, and that’s great. Then you need to think about good beard care. If you choose to shave, choose the right razor for your skin sensitivity level and the coarseness of your beard. Multiple-blade razors can cause irritation and ingrown hairs, so stick to one or two blades. Consider using a moisturizing shave gel for protection during the process.

3. Go old school and use some aftershave. It isn’t like it used to be. Today’s aftershave products soothe and hydrate instead of burning. Just make sure you choose one that doesn’t contain alcohol. Some kind of post-shave product should be part of every men’s face care routine.

4. Remember to use a facial moisturizer. Moisturizing reduces lines and wrinkles and helps keep you soft and kissable. You may prefer a fragrance-free product or one with a masculine scent. Many unisex and women’s moisturizers have a floral fragrance that can annoy you and turn off whoever wants to get close to you.

5. Use sunscreen every day. Your daily moisturizer may contain sunscreen or you may choose to apply it separately. Use SPF 30 or higher and always carry some extra sunscreen with you. If you can feel the sun on your face, your sunscreen probably isn’t good enough. Plus, sunscreen’s protection from skin cancer is something you can’t forget about either.

The Right Men’s Face Care Products

If you’re like me, you’ve tried many men’s face care products and have never found anything that was perfect for you at an affordable price. If you’ve tried some of the premium brands of skincare products and found they’re no better than some of the cheaper things you’ve tried, you’re not alone.

Some brands are better than others, however.

You probably won’t find everything you need in one facial care set, so you may choose to buy individual products and replace each one as you run out. You may also want to buy a men’s face care set and add some items, like a good, modern aftershave lotion.

The most important thing to remember about face care is to stop just using whatever happens to be around and make the decision to devote a little time and money to taking care of your face. You’ll feel better, age better and be less likely to develop serious skin problems as you get older.

Men’s face care is just part of being a guy, so why not do it right?

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