Best Home Bartending Kit Is Affordable, Compact And Has Everything You Need

Whether you’re setting up a simple bar in a corner of your home or looking for the perfect gift, the best home bartending kit includes everything you need to make great drinks, including recipe cards. And it looks great too. Read on to learn more about a mixology kit that will help you or your gift recipient make the best adult beverages you’ve ever made.

What is a home bar set?

A home bar set or home bartending kit is a collection of items that make it easy to create mixed drinks – whether you’re an experienced mixologist, a party host who wants to do better or just someone who mixes a few for yourself on the weekends. You don’t necessarily need a home bar set if you only drink beer or wine with no mix-ins.

Home bartending kits come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. Some include a convenient stand or base to hold everything, and some are just a collection of items you can arrange however you like on your bar table or as a centerpiece at your next party.

When you’re looking for the best home bar set, find one that includes a shaker, some measuring tools and perhaps strainers, mixing spoons and other related gadgets. Since inexpensive sets are available that include these and other tools, there’s no reason to buy something labeled as a bar set that only includes a shaker and a few accessories.

The best home bartending kit

The Bare Barrel 14-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set with Stand for Home Drink Mixing, available through this Amazon affiliate link, includes the essentials for new or experienced mixology enthusiasts. Keep it on a side table in the den, on your bar cart or wherever you want to serve mixed drinks. The included recipe cards can help you get started on your mixology journey or show you some classics that you may not have mixed before.

This compact, nicely styled kit includes almost everything you need to get started mixing your own drinks and a little more. The alcohol, of course, isn’t included.

But here’s what is included: a tight-sealing shaker, a double jigger measure, a muddler, a fine mesh strainer, a Hawthorne strainer, a mixing spoon, ice tongs, and three liquor pourers plus a cleaner. There are also a corkscrew, 35 cocktail recipe cards and a unique bamboo organizer that holds everything in one convenient place. If all the slots are filled, you know you haven’t mislaid anything. This wouldn’t be the best bar set for home or even office if it didn’t include all these components.

I like this set and feel confident recommending it because of the quality of the pieces. The tools are made of sturdy metal that stands up well to repeated use. They’re dishwasher safe too, although it’s easy enough to wash them by hand, especially if you have a bar sink.

I believe the minimalist styling of the set’s base helps it rise to the level of the best home bartending kit available. It’s simple, lightweight and made of sustainable bamboo, but it’s surprisingly sturdy. Bamboo is known as a particularly durable wood, and the weight of the unit is just right to keep it from getting knocked around or turned over easily.

Perfect for yourself, perfect as a gift

When you need the best home bartending set for a small space or a good starter set to help you on your mixology journey, this is the one I recommend. It also makes a great gift for someone who’s just turning 21 and interested in mixing their own drinks or someone who’s downsizing or lives in a home with limited space. Everything fits neatly in one compact area, yet there’s nothing missing from the set. It’s everything you need and more.

Have some fun with the best home bartending set available, and learn to make your perfect drink. This beautiful, durable and useful set can open the door to a world of great new beverage options. Learn more about the Bare Barrel set now.

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