Low Power Reading Glasses Could Really Be All You Need

When my eye doctor told me that low power reading glasses might be all I needed to get relief from a variety of eye symptoms, I was skeptical. But as it turns out, he was right.

When I returned to my writing career after a detour of several years through another career, my eyes weren’t up to the challenge. The long hours in front of a monitor led to eye strain, dry eyes, severe itching and even pain. I was frustrated and depressed. I could see just fine when not at the computer, so I didn’t think I needed glasses. But these symptoms were making it impossible for me to work.

I thought my days as a writer — or anything else that spent the day in front of a monitor — were numbered.

But the eye doctor said a lot of people like me with good vision but symptoms of strain and overuse can benefit from slight magnification. He recommended eye glasses with a magnification of just 0.50 diopters for use only when working at the computer. I don’t even use them when reading or checking email on my Android phone.

Low power reading glasses provide just enough magnification to ease the burden on the muscles in your eyes, allowing them to work longer with less strain. They also protect your eyes from the wind from air conditioning and fans. And if rubbing your eyes is causing them to itch even more and perhaps even causing a rash on your eyelids, wearing glasses can discourage you from rubbing, further reducing your symptoms.

Within a week of starting to wear low power reading glasses, most of my symptoms were gone. I also started using lubricating eye drops — like Blink Tears — to help with moisture in my eyes. I take antihistamines for allergies, and that means my eyes are always dry.

I never thought low power reading glasses could make a difference, but they have very literally changed my life. The difference is clear.

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