Devotional Messages Help Center Your Thoughts, Start Your Day

I don’t read a lot, but I do start every day by reading a daily devotional message from a book or magazine. By centering myself in this way, I feel my day gets off to a better, saner start — because if you haven’t noticed it, the world can be rather insane at times.

Consider the actions of divisive political parties, those who create social unrest, road rage and having to wait in line for everything. Watching how the news handles what’s going on in the world or watching what’s happening out your office window can be stressful. If you’re not careful, you can begin to think that the little petty things that others squabble about are important to you.

When you turn to daily devotional messages like the ones you can find in Kindle books, magazines and printed publications as well, you’re reminding that everything that happens in the world should be understood from a larger point of view. Thinking about who’s in control of things and realizing that most things have ultimately good outcomes can help you rise about the day-to-day squabbles.

Even if you aren’t completely convinced about what kind or religious or spiritual views you hold, reading about how other people have coped with life’s challenges and about what other people think about what’s going on can help you form better, saner, smarter opinions of your own.

Nothing in the world makes complete sense, but when you start each day with a spiritual benchmark in the form of a daily devotional message, you can make more sense of life around you than most people do. And that puts you at a distinct advantage in a number of ways.

It doesn’t need to be something from a particularly well-liked or well-known writer as long as it makes you think. You may even find that you can start over with the same devotional book or magazine again and again — because the messages will cause you to think about different things each time. And you’ll always be thinking from a spiritual perspective, not a worldly one.

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