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Choose Beard Color That Won’t Come Off On Your Woman

Did you know that not all beard color is permanent? And did you know that some products sold for daily use are actually just beard mascara that comes off when you touch it or rub against it? While a temporary beard color is a nice idea for Halloween, I can’t see any reason a guy would want to use a beard mascara or other temporary beard color as part of their daily routine.

But if they do, there are some products that are better than others.

I know that when a few beard hairs start to go grey it must be tempting to do something, but I think going grey is better than using something that comes off easily. Anyway, we need to help the men in our lives make smart decisions regarding coloring their beards so they can feel good about themselves.

Here are a few more details about the most common beard color choices:

Just For Men

Every guy knows about Just For Men. This brand has been on the market for years and advertises aggressively. For some guys, good results are possible. Interestingly, it seems to have taken over the men’s hair coloring market from Grecian Formula, a brand I heard a lot about when I was a kid — and it’s still available. Many warn against using Grecian Formula on the beard area because of irritation.

In fact, Just For Men and cause skin irritation and doesn’t color evenly on some guys, so it’s no wonder that some men who insist on using beard color avoid this popular brand. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would to have a rash on your face under your beard.

Natural Beard Dye

A lot of guys — perhaps the smartest guys — choose a natural beard dye for good, long-lasting results without irritation. And natural beard dye can be used as often as they like without fear of doing damage. Just For Men and other chemical beard colors have limits on how often you can use them and long you can leave them on to keep you from doing more harm than good.

One popular natural beard color is Manly Guy, which is available in, I think, about a dozen different colors. And unlike the chemical beard dyes, Manly Guy is available in convincing reds. Guys with red beards have few real options when it comes to beard color.

Beard Mascara

Amazingly, beard mascara has grown in popularity in recent years. I remember first hearing about it when a male celebrity mentioned in an interview that his wife didn’t like to kiss him when he was going out because his beard mascara would come off on her. I suppose if a guy has only a few grey hairs this makes sense, but who wants a beard color that comes off so easily?

From what I can see, the best brand for those who want to try it is Blackbeard for Men Formula X — available from Amazon. Apparently, it stays on a long time and won’t rub off too easily. If the man in your life is going grey and you don’t like it — or he doesn’t — I suppose this is a good way to see if beard color will help. Some guys also use a dark shade of Formula X to make light-colored facial hair look darker and more noticeable. It only comes in brown, dark brown and black, however.

The Bottom Line

I don’t mind a guy with a little grey in his beard, and I suspect that most other women don’t either. But I can certainly understand how grey hairs can make a guy feel older than he really is. And there’s nothing wrong with using hair color or beard color if that’s what he wants to do.

But we have an obligation, I think, to help the men in our lives deal with these little issues so that they always look and feel their best. It’s one of those things we do for the men we love.