Simple Living Magazine? We’ve Got You Covered!

People sometimes arrive at Minimalist Living Today because they’ve done a search for Simple Living magazine and can’t find the publication they’re looking for. Instead, they find one of my article about simple living.

Now, I’m making it even simpler for you if Simple Living magazine is what you seek. I’ve written this article specifically to help point you in the right direction.

There’s a very good reason it’s so hard to find the publication called Simple Living magazine. It’s because there isn’t one.

The confusion probably stems from the fact that a magazine called Real Simple— which is the number 1 magazine on Amazon — focuses on simple living. This magazine, a Time publication that started in 2000, may not be called Simple Living magazine, but a magazine about living a simpler, no-nonsense life is exactly what it is.

Real Simple magazine is a great resource, and it could be just what you’re looking for.

About Real Simple Magazine

Real Simple magazine is geared toward women, but I’m not a woman and I still find it useful and entertaining. While it may not be precisely focused on the issues that matter most to me, many of the articles apply equally to men and women. I just ignore the makeup and style pages — although there are lots of them in some issues.

This simple living magazine focuses on solving everyday problems with creativity. It’s aimed toward people who want an easier life so they have more time for the things that really matter to them.

Amazingly, almost 9 million people read Real Simple every month. They turn to its pages for information and advice on every aspect of life, including family, finance, health, home, technology, pets, beauty, style and entertaining — to name only a few of the many topics the magazine regularly addresses.

Whether you want to make do with what you have or purchase new things to make your life simpler, Real Simple has you covered.

Many readers find the New Uses For Old Things section particularly inspiring. It offers suggestions on modifications you can make to things you already own to give them new life. The Products of the Month section explores product offerings readers can buy that aim to help them live simpler lives.

Of course, the cooking section is always popular. In fact, it’s the part of the magazine I find most interesting, but of course, I’m not exactly in its target demographic. But who wouldn’t benefit from some simple ways to get in and out of the kitchen quickly while preparing healthier, better-tasting meals than ever before?

Subscribing To Real Simple Magazine

The best deal we’ve found for simply subscribing to Real Simple magazine is through an offer on Amazon. Just follow this link for all the details:

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Once you’re at Amazon, you’ll also see other offers, including a way to subscribe for only six months and an even better offer if you subscribe for two years. You’ll probably find the right offer for you.

You can even see sample pages when you visit Amazon and explore Real Simple.

Is There Really No Simple Living Magazine?

There’s no magazine called Simple Living, but Real Simple is probably the sort of magazine you’re looking for.

Whether you’re in Real Simple’s target demographic or not, I suggest subscribing to this simple living magazine. I can’t imagine that you would disappointed.

You’ll find useful and interesting ways to tweak your existing life toward greater simplicity. A Real Simple subscription serves as a monthly reminder to keep seeking simplicity at every turn.

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