Choose A Smart Body Groomer That Will Actually Meet Your Needs

The problem with guys and our hairy bodies is that it can take a lot of different tools to keep that hair like we want it. I have some corded clippers for cutting my own hair, an old trimmer for doing by facial hair — usually into sort of long stubble or a short beard — but I have to use a different trimmer if I want to grow out my beard very long and keep it under control. And I have to have something else to keep shoulder and back hair under control.

Plus, when I want to define a neckline on my beard or keep the hair from poking out of my shirt collar, I have to have a razor to shave.

There are all-in-one trimmers that do a pretty good job, but I still find that I enjoy using a two different kinds of trimmers. I like a very precise one for my beard, and I like something quick and simple-to-use for my body. The best body groomer I’ve found is the one that gives me the fewest hassles.

The one I’ve decided on has three important features:

It’s powerful. It’s able to cut through the many different kinds of hair on my body with equal ease — that include fine and course hair as well as dense and sparse hair. Like most guys, I have some of all of that.

It’s easy on my skin. I have one trimmer that actually runs so fast and hot that it feels like I have a sunburn after I use it on an area. That’s no good. The best body groomer I’ve found is fairly gentle on my skin while getting the job done. That also means it gets the job done in one or two passes and I don’t have to go over anything several times, creating irritation.

It’s washable. Trimming is a dirty business, and many modern trimmers can be held under running water for cleaning. My older groomers can’t stand that, but my newest and best one can.

You’ll have hair on your body all your life unless you choose to keep it under control with a body groomer. Do yourself a favor and choose a body groomer that gets the job done without hassles, irritation or other problems.

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